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Wow, no one cares! November 21, 2009

Posted by Umph in Random.
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Heh, sorry, I couldn’t think of a good title, so no one should really care.

Anways, I’m sorry for not updating or replying in a few days, I was the main character in a Scandinavian production of Tinkerbell 😆

Back to the future me pickles   something interesting, can you believe two of me friendsies are having birthday parties at the same time and date! It stinks, I wanted to go to both. I know! I will invent a teleportation pod and go back and forth from party to party. Wait…Then I’d need two.

Please stand by while Emma talks to herself…



1. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! .....click my name! - November 21, 2009

hey umphy….i was wondering……do u want to be on my new art blog? if u dont thats ok.

2. luvurlab6168 - November 22, 2009

Hey nice post lolz 😆

3. Storm - November 22, 2009

I hate when that happens, even if it only happened to me once

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