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On the 2nd Day til’ Christmas… December 23, 2009

Posted by Umph in Holidays.

My Umphulump gave to me,

Tunes to make up for her absence!

One Spongebob Christmas Carol

Owch! Skiing Wipeout

And 1 Christmas Graphic





1. kooki00 - December 23, 2009

ιτs οκ, αll ιs fοrgινεη, xD lοl!

2. luvurlab6168 - December 23, 2009

Do you believe in Santa?
Umph Replies: Of course!

3. luvurlab6168 - December 24, 2009

Me too!

4. Kooki00 - December 24, 2009

γεαh…. ςαητα… O.o hε’s..rεαl… and cοοοοοl.

5. luvurlab6168 - December 24, 2009

Santa’s only real if you believe that he’s real!! And I believe.

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