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Merry Christmas! December 25, 2009

Posted by Umph in All about me.
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I hope you all had excellent holidays! I did :mrgreen: Here’s the presents from my aunt’s house…

  • $50 Gift Card to anywhere in my favorite mall
  • $25
  • Metallic Art Pencils and a fancy drawing book
  • Hair acessories
  • Makeup
  • Two build-your-own robots
  • Decorative lights for my room
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Lotion/Bath Pouf/Towel

From my uncle’s house…

  • A fuzzy red blanket
  • New Pajamas
  • Comfy bunny slippers!

From my Antman and his family…

  • An AWESOME cloth tote bag
  • Another fuzzy blanket xD (This one was purple)

And from Santa and the rest of my family…

  • CLOTHES! (Including Footie Pajamas and lots of Aeropastale sweatshirts)
  • A tablet for my computer
  • A digital camera
  • A new boogie video game for my Wii
  • A leopard print snuggie !!!
  • A funky fedora hat
  • An aeropastale bear with a little sweater  x) so cute
  • New converse sneakers

So I had an awesome (cozy) Christmas! What did you get? If you don’t celebrate Christmas OR your family hates you and is lame like that, tell us what you got!



1. luvurlab6168 - December 25, 2009

I GOT A SNUGGIE! lol, so anyways, I have a post like this on my site too. Check it out when you get a chance!

2. luvurlab6168 - December 25, 2009

Oh, yeah, right. Merry Christmas!

3. luvurlab6168 - December 25, 2009

Wow, we both got Snuggies and Converse! KEWLIO

4. *Raz0r* - December 25, 2009

well, I got several video games (including Rock Band 2. (: ) TONS of books (54 to be exact. XD they’re really cheap, that’s why I have so many.) and, like, 20 albums, lol. I”m listening to one right now.

5. I LUV Justin Beiber - December 27, 2009

I got a cell phone!!!! also i got 200$mackaroonies in gift cards i got a pandora and i already have 8 charms and my fav. is the dragonfly. I also got alot of clothes from areopostal and lots other stuff but i cant name it all 🙂 ohhh i got some uggs too tan ones then me and my mom went out yesterday and i got another pair of now these are the bear paw ones that feel like their knitted theyre really comfy!!!

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