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New Widgets January 6, 2010

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Emma here! Since the site’s been changed a lot, here are a few things. One, it’s still called Ga! Feel free to call it that or advertise it as so. But, there will be some new widgets added to the widget gallery. That’s under the Graphics page. Some will have Godzilla and Club Penguin!

Also, thanks for coming to the 1 Year Anniversery party! That includes Brett, Luvurlab, Kooki and Razor. Applause for those people! Now, in case you were at the party, you might wanna know who won the contest. The winner is…


There were 40 meatballs in the jar and Razor guessed 55. Good try Brett and Luvurlab. Razor, you will receive your trophy and an author’s spot invite soon. I will be adding more authors, some of which signed up at the employment office. Well, see you all later!




1. luvurlab6168 - January 6, 2010

Yay, I get applause. 😆

I guessed 25 meatballs. 😦 Oh well.

2. ~MAYA! - January 7, 2010

ROFL nice commment box XD
and and and! cool, awesome n_n
how did you get the date to say 01/06/2010 not January 6 blahblahblah!? XD

3. Meat in ball form 1.8.2010 « The Syndrome - January 9, 2010

[…] It turns out I won a contest on Emma’s blog. During her 1st anniversary party, she made a drawing on Paint of meatballs in a jar. We had to guess how many there were, and I won. Read the post. […]

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