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The decision ish final January 11, 2010

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So, the poll results are in. The show is going to be hosted by…

Emma and Addy!

Whoo! The name of the awards show is going to be called…

Musical Masters!

Thanks for your votes. So, here is a schedule of the awards show.

January 17th through January 21st-Submit your musical talent video.

January 25th through February 8th-Voting for your favorite video in each catergory

February 16th-Episode will be aired!

For every scheduled date, there will be a new post. The recommended dates for submition is 1/17 through 1/21, but late videos will be accepted until 1/25. Please film your videos and get ready to upload them!



1. Kooki00 - January 12, 2010

We needa talk, or email… Cuz with da incedent earlier… yeah. Heres something: Just TELL me, if u need space, just come oud and say: Stop calling my house, so much, 2-3 times a week is good” sounds blunt but in the long run, It’s short n sweet, and wont keep me at bay wondering y ppl r angry at me… bcuz Lily seemed cheesed and w/ u… yea… not so fun being at da end of that…
Umph Replies: Well, yes. I do need space. Idk whats wrong wit Lily.

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