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”Exuse me ma’am, please identify this alien breaking into my home.” February 3, 2010

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Goodday. (Is it one or two D’s?)

Rashes. Wow, weird beginning. Anways, I have a rash. Like this, on my inner elbow:

The redness is a bit hard to see, but it itches like crazy. Perhaps dry skin? But I’ve had it before. Yeah…

I’m so excited because we have swimming in Gym tommorow. I ❤ Swimming. Speaking of which, it’s almost Valentine’s Day! The time of year in which boys give girls valentines. I’m gonna try a little role-reversal with the cheese. The cheese being my future husband Stephen (Oh God, I hope he doesn’t know this website exists 😳 ). Yes, but I’m making a very nice valentine card for him. And some for my friends Kyra, Lily and Angie. I love you guys 🙂

I’m still a little stumped on one thing: Sneaking the valentine to the cheese. I’m giving it to him anonymously, he’s not in my class and we don’t have lockers. But, we do have a crew class together. I could sneak it into his backpack? Give me your opinions. I LOVE THE CHEESE and I would like to give him a card so TALK.



1. j☻®ÐΛ∩ - February 5, 2010

Your prob have egsma.

2. Kooki00 - February 7, 2010

:blush: 😀 I ❤ ya 2 bud! 😆 LoL! Im not sure WHAT to do! …. I got it! 😀 Im gonna right a poem for ALL of our friends in pretty valentine style! 😉 Youll see! 😀 *thinks to self*… wow i used a bunch of emoticons…. 😆 Lmao!

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