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Cotton Candy would taste better with Chocolate February 6, 2010

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Chocolate and Cotton Candy deserve capitol C’s.

So, I’ve been a little sick lately. Extremely stuffy nose. I must have blown it at least 50 times yesterday. Last night, being my sick and aching self (self-pity time), I was playing Left 4 Dead 2. I discovered some awesome Survival glitches in which I will not share with you. My secrets. *Growls like a dog*

I’m angry now 😡 My hole-punch won’t punch holes in my folders. It’s not your fault, hole punchy. In fact, it’s not anyone’s fault.

OMG. Look how pathetic this bottle of Coca-Cola is:

Insert Picture here (Do you have one, Emma?)

It’s only one litre. Why one liter instead of two litres? I’m sorry if you don’t use the metric system. I actually don’t, either. Why is it a gallon of milk and a liter of soda?! Why not both gallons?! This is America! Land of the free and home of the whopper!

Angry Emma, out to uncover the evil culprits behind the metric mix-up.



1. xXAliceXx - February 6, 2010

Aww. I hope you feel better! And, I’ve been a little confused about the metric system too. I always thought liter was another name for gallon in England. But, they’re different O:
Umph Replies: Yeah, I know what you mean.

2. Bbfreeze - February 7, 2010

Ewwww. I just thought how that’d taste (chocolate candy with chocolate). Yuck~ and cotton candy alone grosses me out! xD

😮 Me too! I have a cold. The first day I got it, I blew my nose so much that it hurt to even touch it. -_-
Umph Replies: Eh, I just thought of that too. Cotton Candy=Pure sugar, food coloring

3. Kooki00 - February 7, 2010

awww hope 2 see ya at school! 😦 Feel better! Ohhh Thats 2maro, l0l! Im excited my family`s coming over, pool deep-end swimming, valentines card making, b-day party, lots going on with me… 😆 bored yhu with my life story…. Bye! ❤ Peace!

4. Madz - February 7, 2010

Ahh, I was sick a couple weeks ago. Not fun. 😦
About sneaking the valentine to “the cheese” in your post below, his backpack sounds like a pretty good idea. I once found these mysterious cookies in mine when I was in 6th grade.. O.o So it should probably work! lol

5. Umph - February 7, 2010

Thank you for the ideas!

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