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If you touch me again, I will rip your hand off February 11, 2010

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Hello everybody!

Today was really fun. We had a nature program field-trip at the park – Which we were SUPPOSED to have for two consecutive days, but our first day was cancelled due to snow 😡

It was supposed to be really cold. But, I wore five warm shirt layers, two pant layers, long socks, a hat and hood, and gloves. We took a bus ride to the park (I sat with Lily and Kyra). We walked to our nature cabin, and were spilt up by crews (Lily and Kyra are together, but not in my crew 😥 ). My crew was paired with another crew and met our teacher, Mr.H.

He instructed us to form three groups. I was in a group with Alyson, Demi, Brianne and Rachel. We brainstormed a list of nesecary items to survive and dangers in the wilderness. Our original top-three list of gear was: Rope, matches and pocket knife. However, Rachel, Ally, Demi and I argued and changed our top-three list to: Matches, Large piece of plastic and Peanut Butter.

Then, Mr.H lead our groups to the top of a hill. We learned how to make a shelter out of logs, sticks and pine needles and rope. Ours came out great, then we made a pine-leaf carpet.

Getting chilly, it was time to make our *shudder* fire. We learned how to make one using sticks, birch bark and a match. We built it in a tee-pee style, and Ally lit her up. It was warm and cozy, I loved it. For lunch, I brought some hot-dogs to roast. Rachel roasted (or shall I say burned) an apple. And Demi had those little Lunchables Pizzas, and she cooked them on a big, flat stick. I had one too and it was deliscious!

Believe it or not, Mr.H’s group finished first. After dropping off some supplies at the cabin, we took some trash-bags to a big snowy hill and slided down on them. I spun and flipped and glided and smashed and got smashed. I had a big stomache ache and felt like upchucking because of my diziness. O

On the bus-ride, Kyra was really angry because of someone. Lily and I kept poking Angie, and then, when Lily poked Kyra, she yelled:


So…That’s basically all. Bye!



1. luvurlab6168 - February 11, 2010

Wow, that sounds fun (not kidding)!

2. luvurlab6168 - February 11, 2010

Hey Emma! It’s okay if you say no, but could I do something on my blog like your ‘What am I up to?’ sticky post? I’d call it something like ‘My Status!’ Once again, it’s okay if you say no, but I just wanted to check with you for an ‘okay’ before I went ahead and posted it on my blog. Please respond soon!


3. Madz - February 12, 2010

What is with all of these awesome field trips, yet my school always went on lame ones? XD
Kyra sounded… Pleasant on your bus ride. Haha!

4. Kooki00 - February 12, 2010

hahaha… i was “pleasant” lol… 😆 anger. 😳

5. katherinerylie - February 13, 2010

You have a nice blog!

6. Chad - March 21, 2010

Haha, well if a guy touches a girl in my school, she just yells “YOUCH ME AGAIN AND ILL RIP YOUR DICK OFF”

But I guess thats just were I grew up.

7. Toxic_heart♥ - May 24, 2010


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