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Almost at 50,000 hits! June 5, 2010

Posted by Umph in All about me, To my fans...
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Hello people and animals. Well, today, I decided to check our views like I do every day. And I made a shocking discovery: We’re almost to 50,000 hits! Thank you to everyone who’s commenting and visiting and what-not, we couldn’t have done it without you. So, in about 900 more visits [which I’m sure we can accomplish, I eat hits for breakfast xD] we’ll be at 50,000.

In other great news, I’ll be going to Kyra’s party/sleepover in a few hours! I can’t wait. Kyra said it might rain, but I’m bringing my bathing suit and towel just in case Kyra’s mediocre weather predictions fail, haha. Oh you know I love you Kyra, I’m only kidding. Soooo…Yeah. The party starts at 2:00 EST so in like, 4 hours. Tee hee I can’t wait!!!

Well, I have to leave now to do something important which I forgot but doesn’t involve posting anything. Okay, bye.



1. Kooki00 - June 6, 2010

Lol. Mediocre.Yesterday was BOSS! Also, you dont have 2 love me, you dont even have 2 LIKE..me. But you WILL respect me. XD 😆 Remeber that! 🙂 That party was awesome, but it made meh realize our school is bull nd fake, cept 4 a couple ppl. :p

Umph Replies: ROFL, Fergalicious ta-ta-tastey tastey,

2. Madz - June 26, 2010

Congrats!! You’re so close now, less than 300 to go! 😀

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