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OH MY COCOPUFFS… (via Virtual Insanity) June 7, 2010

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This is a brief summary of Kyra’s party. It was AWESOME! Except for the part where I, well, threw up. That entire night I had Ketoacidocious (Diabetes problem with pee xD) and I vomited like every hour 😦 I was soooo sick. During the party however, I had a ton of fun blasting people with water weapons, having chicken fights, fighting over floating bananas, etc. Yeah. Bye bye.

Hey People! Whats going on? Its Kooki00 Here! I had my party yesterday, AWESOME! Emma, Jered, Angie, Tiana, Martin, Johnathan, and Miguel (Johnathan`s older bro), came. It was AWESOME. We swam and ate and played wii. Ahhh… ❤ Awesomeness! 😀 For My presents I got: 1. Two of the same Claire bags 2. A stuffed cat-thing animal 3.Spa Kit Thinga-majigger 4. A Midnight Pomegranate Lotion and Soap Set 5. 120$$$!!!!!!!!!!♥ I’m excited because if i g … Read More

via Virtual Insanity



1. *_!!!ANA!!!_* - June 13, 2010

hey emma its ana !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its been a while since ive sen u sorry about u getting sick it sounds bad ok well cant wait to c u in ur b-day bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! .....click my name! - June 25, 2010

lol lucky my party’s and all the party’s i go to are no fun Dx they always turn out as a disaster, xD awww u kept vomiting 😦

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