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Time flies when you’re having fun! June 27, 2010

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Oh my, my. I’m so super sorry for leaving you guys all un-updated!

Summer has started, so I’ve been spending most of my time out enjoying the great weather with my friends swimming and playing. Yes, it’s a good excuse. I have a life…don’t I? Well, that’s not the matter. SCHOOL WAS OUT on June 17th. I’m definately gonna miss my friends, but hey, I’ll deal with them next year :] Anyway here are some pics of summer so far for me! *Click to enlarge*

Me in my backyard

''Whatchu' lookin at, foo?''

The lovely tree with the fungus

Me torturing my sister


 Like I was saying before, I’ve had three out-of-school meetings with my pals. I shall list them! (Wait, I wasn’t saying that earlier. It was something about pretzels…) 

  1. Thursday 6/17, when school ended. Martin came home with me (whoa, not like that) and we went swimming at my house! Then we met up with Anthony and played in his backyard until Kyra arrived. Then Martin, Kyra, Anthony and I went swimming more, ate, then hung out, then swam more (Is that even a word? Swam?). Martin went home so Kyra got to hang out with the neighbors and I until she left.
  2. Saturday 6/19, Angie’s birthday party! I got to see most of my friends at the Bowling Alley, including Martin and Kyra who I hadn’t seen in fourty-eight hours! Can you believe that?? Yeah, so it was Angie’s 12th birthday. Joseph, Jonathan, Kyra, Martin and Angie’s cousin were there. Joe, Jonathan and I played two games (I won the second, Jonathan won the first).  Then we played at the arcade and I won playing cards! Then we had pizza, soda and cake.

    Me and the birthday girl! (And Joe's lovely scalp and hand to the left)

  3. Saturday 6/19, after the party we went to the movies! Later, after getting the a-okay from my folks, Martin picked me up for the movies (god, I don’t like him like that!). His mom dropped us off, and we got tickets to see Toy Story 3. Joe and Angie met up with us, and then Dan randomly came. We got our food and watched the movie! It was SO good, but I’m giving any spoilers! I almost cried at one point and almost peed my pants at another. Then when it was over we couldn’t find Martin’s mom in the parking lot, so he suggested we walk home?? Finally she came and that was that.

Yes, so that was my summer so far. I still have Camp! Camp starts on the 18th of July. Starting with my next post, in honor of camp, I will post something camp-themed each post. So whether it be a song from camp, a memory, a craft, etc. Ta-ta for now!

QUESTION: Which summer picture do you like best?



1. Kyra - June 27, 2010

i have an announcement, check ur email. (b.t.w, my fave pic, u, angie, nd”&& jo!)

2. Luvurlab6168 (not logged in) - June 27, 2010

I liked the second pic that was like whatchu lookin at foo lol

3. ANA!!!! - June 28, 2010

hey emma i like the last pic of u and the sis lolz so cute
Umph Replies: Haha yeah, she wouldn’t pose for the camera so I had to hold her head upwards.

4. michf98 - June 28, 2010

Hey Emma, I’ve made a new blog and I think you’ll like it. It’s called Musical Elation, heres the link – http://www.musicalfervor.wordpress.com/ Please please pleeeeeeeeeease visit! Thank you! P.S. sorry for advirtising!

5. kara23456 - June 29, 2010

Hey Umph, I love the last pic of you and your sister. Its so cute.
Umph Replies: Thanks

6. Madz - June 30, 2010

The picture of you and your sister is adorable! And I like the caption on the third one “the lovely tree with the fungus.” XD
You sound like you’re having a fun summer so far! 😀
Oo, I really want to see Toy Story 3.
Umph Replies: Haha, fungus xD I am having a pretty fun summer, and yeah it’s a great movie!

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