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Clay palm tree June 30, 2010

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In the words of Grover from Sesame Street, ”hello movers and groovers!”

How’s everyone doing on this fine Summer day? Well, at least for me it’s Summer. Maybe where you’re reading it, it’s Winter O_o So, I’d like to give a shout-out to my dear online friend, Bbfreeze of http://bbfreeze.com/ who I have been talking with frequently. We both share a secret and we openely told one another, so thank you for being a good listener!

Off line, I have just came back from the doctor’s office, I had a camp check-up and the results will go to my camp. So, I’m perfectly healthy and all. However, I had to get three painful shots. In my upper arm, nearly on my shoulder. It hurt so badly and the needles were huge! My arms are really sore now and I can only use my hands to type this. My mom had to help me get changed they hurt so bad.

I also have good news, I’m starting a different type of website. An ”adopt-a-pet” site will be open very soon! I’ll notify you when it’s ready, which should be in less than a week. I’ve also been working on this Paint.Net drawing, it’s the cover of the ring 2, which I drew myself. I didn’t even look at the original, I just drew from memory. Here’s the original:

Here’s mine (the gradient in the o was a special touch):

Well, I’ve got to go! See you all l8er!



1. Bbfreeze - July 1, 2010

WOO! Shout-out! 😆 Thank you too!

2. Kooki00 - July 2, 2010

Cool drawinqs. I have a question. Do i knoee da secret? Its ok if i DONT. 🙂
Umph Replies: Yeah you know it.

3. ЯαƵσЯ - July 2, 2010

Reminds me of last Halloween, when I had Samara as my avatar…good times…and not-so good times, but that doesn’t really matter…
Also, nice drawing. All my drawings of Paint look like pieces of crap. DX
And where did the title CLAY PLAM TREE come up? 😆
Umph Replies: Ah yes, the avatar. Good times, good times xD Oh and thanks. The key is just to practice and learn more about it. Lol, and the title was because I had been making a clay sculpture of a mini pal tree at the moment 😆

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