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Happy 4th of July, Americans! July 4, 2010

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DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU DU! Happy 4th of July, Americans!

If you’re not from America, I’m sorry, but this isn’t directed to you lol xD So what’s up people? Please tell me about your Independence day plans. I’m going to see some HUGE fireworks tonight, and I’ll bring my camera to take pictures and videos of the spectacular explosions. What are you guys planning to do? Anyone having cookouts or fireworks or whatever? Please share!

And not only is this Independence day, it’s also the first day of Session 1 at camp! I’m not going to this session, but this marks exactly two weeks until I do go. Since I was supposed to share something ”campy” with you last time and I stupidly forgot, I think I’ll share two things. First off, the lyrics to one of my favorite camp songs.

Well I hopped around the corner, and I hopped around the block

And I hopped right in to a donut shop

And I picked up a donut, and I wiped off the grease

And I handed the lady a five cent piece

Well she looked at the nickel and she looked at me

And she said ”this nickel is no good to me

there’s a whole in the middle, I can see it right through”

And I said ”there’s a whole in the donut too.

Thanks for the donut, so long!”

Yay! Encore! Whoo! Okay here’s something else I’d like to share. It’s a map of all my camp’s cabins that I ”made” using Google Earth and Paint. You can click to enlarge it. Lily Pad, the mini-camp (5 day) cabin was the first one I lived in. Then for two week sessions, I moved into Tarpey which is the youngest campers. Last year I was in Shangri-La, and I believe I’ll be there this year. You have to be at least 12 to get into Rainbow, the neighboring cabin. OMG I just realized I forgot Whispering Pines 😦 Sorry Whispering. Well White House is the LIT (Leader-in-training) cabin and the oldest campers. Boat-House are the seniors who are the next oldest. It goes around clockwise by age, starting with Tarpey and ending with White House. Okay so here’s another map I made showing all our camp activities.

This is a map of our camp activities (again, click to enlarge it). I cut off some of camp because the only activity is horseback riding and that’s neigh out there. Hee hee I made a funny. The field we just use for an assortment of sports like tag or dodgeball or whatever. Music+Drama is a huge barn that’s actually really cool. Well, If you excuse all the beatles that like scuttling across the floor 😉

Okay, well, it’s time for me to say Peace! Peace!



1. ЯαƵσЯ - July 4, 2010

Woot! Independence Day! *waves little tiny flag around*

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