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OMG HIPPO January 29, 2010

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Thanks all who submitted to the Musical Masters awards show. That’s about…Eh, ten or so submissions. Pretty good for a blog as obscure as mine ūüėÄ I’ve been super busy (not really) for the past couple o’ days. Lots of snow. Lots of McDonalds. Yeaaah.

I’m so lucky. I actually predicted that there would be no school today due to the flurries. I wore my pajamas inside out and stayed up late. I’m SO cool.

Please check the Hamcam page and I will upload some more vids ūüėČ

The¬†polls for best video in each Catergory will be available soon! Keep clickin’ back!


I’ve got Lo Mein! January 19, 2010

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That was actually a typo. I meant to say, I got a domain! That’s right! You can access this site by either going to https://umphulump55.wordpress.com/ OR, the new site adress, http://emmasquilt.com/ ! Easier to type and gets more web traffic. Keep submitting them videos!

Emma’s Corner awards show hosted live! January 18, 2010

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Yes, it’s true! The Awards Show will be hosted live on BlogTv and possibly¬†on here. More updates (link, time, etc.)¬†coming soon! Get those videos in, you only¬†have a few more days.

The decision ish final January 11, 2010

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So, the poll results are in. The show is going to be hosted by…

Emma and Addy!

Whoo! The name of the awards show is going to be called…

Musical Masters!

Thanks for your votes. So, here is a schedule of the awards show.

January 17th through January 21st-Submit your musical talent video.

January 25th through February 8th-Voting for your favorite video in each catergory

February 16th-Episode will be aired!

For every scheduled date, there will be a new post. The recommended dates for submition is 1/17 through 1/21, but late videos will be accepted until 1/25. Please film your videos and get ready to upload them!

LOL. No. That is NOT laugh out loud funny and if you ever say LOL again I will injure you :F January 9, 2010

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What is up except the sky? Anyways, hi. How’s it goin? Ugh, I got mad and hurt my computer keyboard and now my ”S” key is missing, see?

Okay, I’m in a really random mood right now so it’s time for some of my comedic genius. Okay, here are some truly awesome jokes that I though of myself, so don’t you dare try to copy (or paste o_0 ) them.

Q: What do you call a fairy mixed with a skunk?

 A: Stinkerbell

Q: What’s black, white and red all over?

A: A sun-burned penguin

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to church?

A: He couldn’t play the organs

Q: Where do Vampires keep their money?

A: A blood bank

Q: What did the cement say to the jackhammer?

A: ”Stop, you’re giving me a headache!”

Q: Where do you find a Christmas Tree in the summer?

A: On vacation!