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Trapped in the bedroom July 14, 2010

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Warning: The following is a dramatization of true events. Be warned that some of this may be frightening to younger viewers as the imagery is graphic.

Hello, viewers. It’s currently 12:30. About half an hour ago, I went through a difficult ordeal. I was being held hostage. By…my baby sister. See, I was minding my own buisness, just using my computer. When my sister enters the room. Slam. The doors are closed, my fate is sealed.

I looked over to see my open closet door clicked together with my half-open front door. My heart was racing as I sprang for the door. I wrapped my fingers around the knob and yanked. It was stuck! ”Addy!” I cried. That’s when Addy whacked me with a lamp and it all went dark…

I awoke five minutes later and I was hand-cuffed to a chair. A glazed look in her eyes indicated how fierce she was feeling. She snarled, ”where is it?” ”Where is what?” I asked.

”The amulate.” She paced back and forth. ”Exuse me, I have to pee.” My sister walked for the door, only to realize it was stuck. Then, she scooted a towel over and peed on that. Gross.

Finally, after minutes of intense interrogation, my brother heard my cries of terror. He busted in the door and arrested Addy, and I was safe!

Okay, so that did really happen. Maybe not the part with the lamp and the handcuffs, but we were locked in and Addy did pee on a towel. My brother also had to run and bust open the door! Sayonara now.


Fudges, what’s with your new hat? May 29, 2010

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Ugh, sorry for the back-up. I haven’t had any good ideas lately of things to post about. But here’s something pretty cool that’s gonna be happening. I’m getting a new YouTube channel and web show! I’ll still post videos to the old one but you know, not as much. So other news…Let’s see…Oh yes, this post title may have alarmed you so I might as well waste my time explaining.

There really is no specific reason for the title to be its title-ish self. Just that I’ve been using the word ”Fudges” repeatedly to take out my anger. Oh, and I got a haircut earlier this week. See, the puberty monster is crawling out to get me, and I have a bad pimple on my forehead. I wanted to cover it with my bangs, which were too long at the time, so I stupidly decided to do it myself. This ended up completely ruining my bangs, and I accidentally cut a huge chunk off. My mom found out and had to cut my bangs so they were even [This story goes on]. I HATED the way my bangs looked, and they were now too short to cover my pimple, so I hid them with this silly pink Spongebob cap and I ended up looking even more stupid. But now I realize my bangs look actually pretty cute. I feel retro 🙂

At school, some kid fell from a tree and split his lip open. No, not cut. Split. It was gushing blood and he had to go to the hospital to get stitches. It may sound mean, but he looks like a fish with his big, puffy lip xD It’s true! Ask Kyra.

Well, I’m starting to bore myself and develop pre-mature carpal tunnel, so until next post, bye!

If you touch me again, I will rip your hand off February 11, 2010

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Hello everybody!

Today was really fun. We had a nature program field-trip at the park – Which we were SUPPOSED to have for two consecutive days, but our first day was cancelled due to snow 😡

It was supposed to be really cold. But, I wore five warm shirt layers, two pant layers, long socks, a hat and hood, and gloves. We took a bus ride to the park (I sat with Lily and Kyra). We walked to our nature cabin, and were spilt up by crews (Lily and Kyra are together, but not in my crew 😥 ). My crew was paired with another crew and met our teacher, Mr.H.

He instructed us to form three groups. I was in a group with Alyson, Demi, Brianne and Rachel. We brainstormed a list of nesecary items to survive and dangers in the wilderness. Our original top-three list of gear was: Rope, matches and pocket knife. However, Rachel, Ally, Demi and I argued and changed our top-three list to: Matches, Large piece of plastic and Peanut Butter.

Then, Mr.H lead our groups to the top of a hill. We learned how to make a shelter out of logs, sticks and pine needles and rope. Ours came out great, then we made a pine-leaf carpet.

Getting chilly, it was time to make our *shudder* fire. We learned how to make one using sticks, birch bark and a match. We built it in a tee-pee style, and Ally lit her up. It was warm and cozy, I loved it. For lunch, I brought some hot-dogs to roast. Rachel roasted (or shall I say burned) an apple. And Demi had those little Lunchables Pizzas, and she cooked them on a big, flat stick. I had one too and it was deliscious!

Believe it or not, Mr.H’s group finished first. After dropping off some supplies at the cabin, we took some trash-bags to a big snowy hill and slided down on them. I spun and flipped and glided and smashed and got smashed. I had a big stomache ache and felt like upchucking because of my diziness. O

On the bus-ride, Kyra was really angry because of someone. Lily and I kept poking Angie, and then, when Lily poked Kyra, she yelled:


So…That’s basically all. Bye!

IMAAAAGINATION November 7, 2009

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I know, you all still like Ga. But so do I! That’s why this site can still be called ”Ga” if you please, OR The Ultra Bunny Website.

In other news, I now have my insulin pump, and it’s really awesome! I can play outside and not have to worry about curfew. Like tonight, Antman, Jor-Jor and Jay-Man and I were playing international war. Antman was Australia Mate, Jor-Jor was Bolivia, I was Luxembourg (Which I pronounced Lush-Em-Bor to sound all foreigny 😆 ) and Jay-Man didn’t play. Really fun. Antman ”got me” with this little plastic shooty thing but I kept coming back to life. At one point I threw my ”sharp edged axe” (Which was really a stick) and hit Antman in the head, ROFL.

Well, see ya lates peeps.

My New Jersey Trip July 12, 2009

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In case you were wondering where I was, I was in New Jersey for 3 days! Here are the good things that happened:

  1. I did a lot of swimming and skipped stones
  2. I played on the lake shore
  3. I watched UFC 100
  4. I played on the playground

The bad things:

  1. My lil’ sis fell in the water and I nearly had a heart-attack.
  2. I got by my cousin Max, the English Bulldog
  3. I got a really bad splinter attempting to do the moon-walk

Yeah, so I had fun. Here’s my little countdown til’ camp thing:


Also, I’ll be adding a Party Room &copy to Ga! I’ll have a party there before I go to Camp!