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This is the page where you pitch ideas for things I can draw. I will pick one idea every week, and it might be yours! But you can only pitch ideas on Wednesdays. Here are some theme ideas: Animals, people, scenery. I will not draw anything innapropriate or anything extremely difficult. If you suggest something like that, I will discard your idea and you will not be allowed to comment again for 1 month. Have fun 😉





1. lunaswebkinz - August 19, 2009

A fairy? Not like a Tinkerbelle fairy, like those pretty fairies you see in fables and old, old stories.

I’d say they are a medium diffaculty.

Umph Replies:
Good idea! I have to hook up my printer and scan it n’ stuff so it’ll take a little while.

2. Jorjeea-click my name! ♥ - September 26, 2009

hmm a dog?

3. Mechelle Fogelsong - September 27, 2009

Can you draw a raccoon?

4. luvurlab6168 - October 15, 2009

A mermaid? I don’t know…it’s hard for some people but easy for others. 🙂

By the way, thanks for letting me be on your blogroll!


5. Annie - October 20, 2009

How about a dolphin? 🙂

6. brry3321 - October 28, 2009

Dolphins,that’s Annie,alright 😛
How about simple anime? I love drawing all the kinds of eyes! The simplest is the oval with a long slightly curved line on top and shorter line on the bottom

7. corrtni avery - January 6, 2010

u should draw a pretty flower! ❤ cortni

8. igeekgirl - January 16, 2010

can i draw something and share it?

9. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! .....click my name! - January 22, 2010

what about a wolf? there easy for me so u can draw it maybe?

10. brry3321 - January 30, 2010

A horse. My mom loves horses!

11. Taylor Swift Fan - August 19, 2010

Hi I am new on this blog and so far i’m lurvin’ it 😉 🙂 (:
I am just saying maybe you can make a…a… uhh…a…a…
Anime Puppy or Kitten?? You can learn from this site but I will not tell u the link unless u want me to because there are some inappropriate[REALLY inapropriate] stuff but I ignore them… I just use that site so I can draw better… I learnt to draw an Anime puppy… I sent it to a kids magazine and it came 🙂
Happy Drawingzzz!!1

12. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF!Aka Wild Blackpaw Wolf .....click my name! - August 19, 2010

a warrior cast?!?! xD soz had to say that out loud :3 im obssesed. OBSESSED D:

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