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Dr.Doodle’s Advice

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Hello friends! I’m Dr.Doodle. I’m a Chihuahua who loves to help others. I’m open to any questions you may have. First, here is a quick FAQ about me.

What is your full name? Chichi Doodle

Why do you like answering questions? Well, growing up I was quite the inquisitive puppy. That’s how I became so smart! I’d like to help others gain knowledge while solving their problems.

How long will it take for you to reply to my question? That depends. Usually, between a couple hours or a couple days. I try to respond fast with good answers.

What can you help me with? Anything really! Try not to ask inappropriate questions. If you need help with some ”girly” issue like boys or makeup, I suggest my friend Pinkette on a page back.

-Love and Advice,




1. Umph - February 15, 2010

Dear Doctor Doodle,
Thanks a ton for coming back! I was wondering if you could give me some advice for next time I go on vacation. What should I prepare for?

2. Dr.Doodle - February 15, 2010

Yes! Of course Emma.

1. Wear lots of sunscreen! Wide-brimmed hats are good, too.
2. Organize your things *before* you leave.
3. Learn your destination’s language or slang.
4. Over-prepare! It’s better to over-prepare than under-prepare.

Hope this helped!

3. ♫ Smiley Sarah ☺ - February 15, 2010

Dear Doctor Doodle,
My so called “friend” Vanessa is being really rude and a brat to me. My friend was joking around with her on the phone and she took it seriously… told her mom so now her mom hates me and shes not going to invite me to her b day party. and she is also posting bad stuff about me on her myspace. I am considered her best friend but she is totally not mine… what should i do?

4. Dr.Doodle - February 15, 2010

Dear Smiley Sarah,
I’m terribly sorry that this girl hasn’t been fair to you. First of all, try talking to this ”Vannessa” girl about her behavior. Explain to her that you feel victimized in the friendship. Also discuss the subject of internet bullying, and that she should stop posting mean things about you. After this confrontation, try avoiding her for a while. If all else fails, talk to your family or a school counselor. Hope this advice helps, please update me on the situation!

5. nicepuppy9 - March 15, 2010

Dear Dr. Doodle,
I was joking around one day at lunch to my friend (Sarah) and somehow my friend (Giselle) overheard. Giselle seemed to catch our converation at the wrong time (me and sarah were joking around about giselle and her attitude) so she told her friend Tanya and apprently they told us that we weren’t friends anymore. Later that week i put a “Sorry” card on her desk and she read it. She told us we were friends again but a few months later, it feels like she doesn’t want to be seen with me or Sarah. It’s gotten so bad, it’s agony to go to school and see Giselle. I’m helpless. Please help!

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