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Massive heat-wave July 6, 2010

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Oh my God I am melting.

Right now temperatures in my part of the U.S are sky-rocketing, my state’s temp. is 100 f (37.7 c) And I feel like dying.

I’ve been downing those half-pint PolandĀ Springs and I’m about to have some frozen yogurt (literally. I took a Danimals Crush-Cup and popped it in the freezer a while ago). I’ve also been sitting in front of the air conditioner šŸ˜‰

I’m blaming the heat wave on Rapper and new socialĀ pariah, Kanye West. Click to enlarge (his ego)

So that poster brings me to my next subject, I shall be making my pageĀ dedicated to celebrity blunders. I call it, celebrity blunders šŸ˜€ Bye bye now.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! November 26, 2009

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It’s finally Thanksgiving!

I’m so excited for all the food :mrgreen: And to see my family. Especially my new 9 pound baby cousin, Jimmy! He was just born 2 days ago but they’re letting him out of the hospital today. I can’t wait to see him. For food, we’ll have mashed patatoes, ham and lots of vegetables: Three of my favorite things! Dessert is gonna be so yummy.

We wish you a happy thanksgiving from the Ultra Bunny!

If you’re gonna rob a bank, do it right! November 22, 2009

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Anway, hi there. I’m in a bored mood, about to go eat. Hmm…McDonalds sounds good. Okay, well, I have an AWESOME deal to make! If you visit and comment on my new blog: http://maskedpup.wordpress.com/ I’ll put up a video of me doing an awesome dance or two. Sounds like a plan? Good.

Well, let’s blast out of this bogus joint.

Quote of the Day: I don’t make monkies, I train them!

Family Dinners November 17, 2009

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Yes, they used to all sound the same: A warm, home-cooked meal. You sit around the table. Siblings bicker. Kids sneak vegetables to pets waiting beneath the table-cloth. But this is a new age. So many more new and exciting cultures and races are inventing their own family dinners! It’s pretty cool to think about. Here’s my usually family dinner:

My step-dad and grandma team up and cook. We usually have rice, mashed potatoesĀ or pasta. After its made, we all take a drink and head our separate ways. My brother goes upstairs to be with his friends, while we sit downstairs and watch television and talk.

Though all family dinners are different, they are all pleasantĀ get-togethers. So, what are your family dinners like? What do you eat? Who do you eat with? Who cooks?

4th of July July 5, 2009

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I hope everyone is enjoying my CSS šŸ˜€ I worked pretty hard to make it like this. Yesterday was the 4th of July! Here in America, it’s a very important day. Yesterday, here’s what I did:

  1. First, went to Antman’s cook-out, ate hot-dogs, corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake.
  2. Roasted marshmallows with Antman
  3. Tossed gooey marshmallows at the trees and tried to stick them
  4. Layed down outside
  5. Watched fireworks on street nextdoor
  6. Antman, Deen(Antman’s cousin), Jor and I slept downstairs in his house.

That was my day yesterday šŸ˜€