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Things coming to the end of the road…? July 9, 2010

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Hello visitors. If there are any. You may not understand, but I’m addicted to the computer! I’m on here for hours a day, and most of those hours I spend making my site better. I work really hard with the site’s appearance, pages, updates, etc. but no one has shown any type of ”gratitude” when it comes to visiting.  This week we’ve had 150 visits and only three comments. Seriously guys?

Thank you Razor Edge, who has made those last three comments -_- How come no one visits anymore? I feel like I’m getting the bad end of the deal here, because I’m working my butt of while no one is even looking at what I’ve posted! I know, I know, blogging is supposed to be fun-And it was-Until people stopped coming. I know hits aren’t all what matters but wouldn’t it be nice if SOMEONE visited? Because I’m not having any fun uselessly updating.

So I’d like to make a deal here. At least five comments be made on this post-or I’ll be quitting (for a few weeks at least), cause I have much more fun and important things going on in my life than to work for nothing.