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Massive heat-wave July 6, 2010

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Oh my God I am melting.

Right now temperatures in my part of the U.S are sky-rocketing, my state’s temp. is 100 f (37.7 c) And I feel like dying.

I’ve been downing those half-pint Poland¬†Springs and I’m about to have some frozen yogurt (literally. I took a Danimals Crush-Cup and popped it in the freezer a while ago). I’ve also been sitting in front of the air conditioner ūüėČ

I’m blaming the heat wave on Rapper and new social¬†pariah, Kanye West. Click to enlarge (his ego)

So that poster brings me to my next subject, I shall be making my page¬†dedicated to celebrity blunders. I call it, celebrity blunders ūüėÄ Bye bye now.


Lots and Lots of snow! December 9, 2009

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No school for me today!

There was¬†a big snowstorm and we’re gonna¬†be getting a foot more of¬†snow. Everything looks so prettiful outside. The trees are frosted with ice¬†and the roads are blanketed with thick layers of white fluff. Wow,¬†that sounded *sniffle sniffle* so beautiful. ūüė• ¬†

Well, I hope you’re enjoying the weather in your area. What’s it like?