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A Random Story


             This story is one that YOU all made! That’s right, this is our first continue-the-story sentences combined for the ultimate story! Hope you like it.


Two zombies were eating happy meals at McDonalds. The other patrons whispered and glared angrily. Some thought that they smelled. Others thought that they ate sloppily, because fries simply fell into their gullets and out of there skeletons. Others were too busy gawking at a man and his monkey, Pablo. The monkey leaped off of the man’s shoulder, and began tangoing with a zombie. ”Boooo!” Screamed the angry patrons, apparently they didn’t like the entertainment. A food fight broke out. Big macs whizzed through the air, ketchup-coated french fries smacked people. When the food ran out, people began leaping over the counters. In the garbage cans were moldy cheese with cockroaches. They threw them at the workers, because they were WAY too slow with the orders. Little did the angry patrons know, the workers were dodge ball players, and dodged the cheese, which stuck to the wall. The workers called the police, who showed up with doritos, visa credit cards, and a can of whipped topping. A policeman was hungry, so he added whipped cream and ate the moldy cheese. Another policeman attempted to arrest one zombie, but the zombie ate his brain. Everyone began running. Suddenly, a little blue bird with a mustache and glasses began terrorizing enchiladas from the pet store with his fiery whip, ”he-yah!” So the navy sea lions  had to come. During the crisis, they went to the ice cream parlor to get some ice cream. But, it was contaminated, so the sea lions turned to blocks of ice. Then, a dog came and ate the blocks of ice, and got a stomach ache. He went to the vet, but he was hiding from the mustached bird with the glasses and whip. The bird came, and gave the dog a big smooch. The dog caught a case of Simileous Biousis, a rare disease. Then the dog kissed the vet, and the Simileous Biousis spread. So the dog threw up the sea lions. Sirens blared, the sea lions got rocket launchers to fight zombies and a case of Simileous Biousis. ”What??” The monkey woke with a start. So he galloped downstairs and shoved a blueberry flavored cupcake in his face.

                           THE END



1. ::βrꆆ:: - February 10, 2009

odd, lol Left 4 Dead zombies? Yay!!!!!!! very weird! 😀

2. becci2748592 - February 21, 2009

interesting… and very odd! i like it! 🙂

3. michf98 - March 2, 2009

crazzeh 😀

4. kara234 - March 2, 2009


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