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My lil’ Cowgirl Chloe

Tuscumbia, Alabama 2004  

                       It was scorching hot outside. The sun glistened yellow and the sky was periwinkle and full of puffy cumulus clouds. The air smelt of fresh lawn trimmings and also pungent and sour from the barn. Chester the cat crept outside of the barn. Papa, the big pot-bellied pig lounged in his hay. It was unusualy quite….Chester entered the barn. ”WOOF!” Samson the bulldog came out of no where. He pursued Chester down the road, laughing hystericly as he did. ”Yeah, you better run ya little brat,” He said in a hoarse, raspy voice. Chester had been driven to the end of the dirt road. Three other dogs appeared. They were all part of a club, the Cat Crushers. Samson was the leader. He always wore a cowboy hat. Then there was William ”Spaz”. He was a, well, a spaz. He was a Rottweiler, much bigger than Samson. Daisy the dachshund was the fastest. She always wanted to be sheriff of Tuscumbia. Chloe was the smallest. She loved being part of the club. She loved the open fields. Most importantly, she loved the year-round breezes, that smelt like peaches, apricots, crisp apples and cinnamon! One day, while Chloe’s owners were out, Chloe became hungry.  Chloe could not open the dog food  cans, so she went outside. She smelt….barbecue? Cloe raced to the neighbor’s house and peered through a crack in the fence. She saw a column of smoke rising. She could smell the charred hot dogs. Chloe licked her chops. She was going to hop the fence.” What are you doing?” Asked Samson. ”Well,” explained Chloe, ” I was hungry and-” ”You wanted a burger?”Samson guessed. ” Yeah.” Chloe replied. ” B-but there are pe-pe-people there! And i-if they saw you, the-they might cap-cap-capture you!” Spazstuttered. ” Yes,” replied Daisy, ”but they can’t catch all four of us…” So, Samson hopped on Spaz’ back, Daisy hopped on Samson’s and Chloe hopped on Daisy’s. ” So Chloe will hop in first, then Daisy, then me, then Chloe.” Directed Samson. ”Aw! Wh-why am I always last?” Wined Spaz.





1. HannahGirl88 - July 2, 2009

I love it!!!!!

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