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Race Around the World

I didn’t believe that they sold news papers for two pence. Of course, I didn’t realize that it was a fake paper. None of the bologna it said was true. I skimmed through the first article. The headline: WOMAN MAULED BY POLAR BEAR ON HER WAY TO LONDON STANSTED AIRPORT. I didn’t even think that there were polar bears in Essex. Stupid news papers were my life. I was a supreme collector, I had one nearly every country in Europe. These were my hobbies: Collecting news papers, traveling, and well, that’s it. I hated school. No one ever talked to me when I tried to act cool. But for once, I was going to attempt to get some friends by selling awesome news papers. Key word of my mission: ATTEMPT. With about 10 £ I bought many news papers. I slipped them into my purple handbag slung over my shoulder and left the Town Square on my red bicycle. I was so excited. If people saw these fascinating articles, they’d be my friend! This plan sounds flawless, right? It was…or at least I thought it was. I went to school the next day. I delivered my papers into the Principal’s office box and set off to class. The Principal passes out the papers to all students, so everyone would get one. I even signed my name at the top of the papers. At lunch, students all had the paper. I smiled nervously when I saw people giggle and flash odd looks. ”Hey Bobbie,” some students called, ”nice paper.” ”Thanks?” I asked. I could tell something was up. ”Ooh!” Eloise laughed. ”Talking camel interrupts Queen Elizabeth’s tea party?! Nice article!” Everyone broke out into laughter. The paper was fictional… So I just humiliated my self and spent money on something stupid. I rolled up the paper and threw it in my backpack. At recess, I just sat behind the brick wall and pouted. I wanted friends, and I wanted to just be appreciated. But people thought I was a dufus because I mistook a fantasy article for a news paper. So? Dosen’t everybody? That’s not the only weird thing I do. I collect news papers. That makes me sound like such a geek. So that evening, I went home, depressed. Mum asked why I was so upset, and I tossed the paper onto the table. I explained to her my embarasing story. ”Oh, Bobbie, it was a common misconseption. Now change Quinella’s nappy and stop being such a fuss.” I sighed. My life was always so busy and hectic. There was Quinella, the baby. Then before her is Hector, and then William. Then, me, Bobbie and last and certainly least, Nina, my obnoxious elder sister. And we all live on a small cottage, sharing one restroom and two bedrooms. Life stinks.





1. HannahGirl88 - July 2, 2009

Awesome! i want more!

2. luvurlab6168 - October 11, 2009

Cool story you are very good! I love to write too.

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