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Little did we know that below our feet were the remains of a civilization. A civilization that failed the test of life. And on that very day of November, that civilization decided to give life a try. In order to survive, they needed to have a lot of space and food; and humans were taking much of it. So that day, not only did they need to resurface, they needed to attack…                                                                                                                                                                   

 So it was warm out. I merrily skipped home, tired from a day working on the farms. Grandpa owned some stables and farms on the outskirts of town. On the weekends, I helped him stack bales of hay and comb the horses. It was really fun. Pom-pom the stallion was my favorite horse. He had sleek and shiny white fur, and it was really easy to comb. My second favorite was Breezy. She was a very shy and gentle Palomino. The only thing that I didn’t like about working at the farm was the walk. It took me sooo long to get from my house all the way there. Oh, and my third job. I helped scrape manure off of the horse’s shoes and hooves. Yuk. Well, that’s about it about the farms. Now let’s talk about me. I’m Estella, a twelve year-old eighth grader. I have copper red hair, it really curly and soft. Light skin and orange freckles. My hobbies are horse-back riding, hiking and hide and seek. Relationship status: Stating. I made that up. There’s this boy that I really like, and he likes me, but I’m not quite ready to date. He also lives really far away, and loves to send me letters. OK, I’m not that interesting. So remember how I like hide-and-seek? Well in about a week, my life would become a big game of it.

The next day, I was helping my dad shop for power tools. He was going to do one of his fix-up projects on the shed. He wanted me to decide what color to paint it. ”Estella,” he called as I jetted off, ”hurry back, now.” I nodded. I set off down the paint isle. At the end, I saw Connor. He was my guy-friend. Connor was nice looking. He had light skin, and a sprinkle of brown freckles on his face. He had long and fluffy ash brown hair. I blushed and he came over. ”Hey, Estella. What’s your business about here?” ”Oh, daddy wanted my pick out some paint for the shed.” I smiled and he looked me up and down. ”Paint’s mighty expensive round’ here. Why don’t you barrow some from my Uncle? He has a ton at his house.” I gasped and smiled. ”Sure!” I blushed so brightly. ”Great,”Connor nodded, ”I’ll see you soon.” He headed off down the isle. I whispered to myself, ”y’all got a date tonight.”

That evening, I set off down the road to Connor’s house. The air was brisk and the sky was pitch black. I was almost scared to be out alone, until Connor’s porch light flicked on. I flailed my arms and rushed over. I hopped up the steps and inside Connor’s house. Inside, he was sitting with his Aunt on the red leather sofa. His aunt was nervously dialing the phone. He sat up when he noticed me. ”Oh, Estella. I um…almost forgot you was coming. Lets talk in the kitchen.” Connor uneasily lead my to the kitchen. I was nervous,  ”What’s going on?” Connor looked around in leaned in to whisper something to me. ”Uncle Larson found a body out back. We don’t know in hell where it came from, but it’s scary.” I cupped my mouth and gasped. No one would’ve guessed what happened next.

We heard a yelp from the sun room. ”Aunt May!” Cried Connor. We rushed over. Uncle Larson staggered forward and looked injured. Behind him, a walking corpse with decayed flesh and stringy hair. It held a dagger, and was jammed in Uncle Larson’s back. I screamed. Blood dripped to the floor as Connor lead me up the stairs, just out of reach from that horrid creature. He hurried over to Aunt May, and told her to come with me. She was crying and her feet were splattered with blood. The creature swung it’s dagger at him but he dodged. Soon, all three of us went upstairs and into the guest bedroom. ”Larson, that thing got Larson!” Cried Aunt May, who had managed to call police. ”It was the body!” Connor and I huddled in the corner. ”No, don’t! It was rea-” and Aunt May put down the phone and sighed. Connor sniffled. ”What just happened, Aunt May?” ”I don’t know Hun,” she wiped a tear, ”but it was bad.”

I gazed out the window. Nothing unusual, except the walking corpse in our house. Aunt May turned on the television. The news was on. Here’s what it was saying: -Appearing. The bodies that we found seem to still be fossilized, and do not belong to past residents. Professor Sportan, expert of paranormal studies, says he has not seen anything like this before, and warns people to stay in their homes. The mayor says no evacuation is necessary. If you encounter one of these things, run or hide. The species is not yet determined-” Aunt May shut the television off. She was angry. After watching your husband die, being locked in a guest room for two hours and learning that no help is coming, you have no reason to be pleased.

When we decided to exit, we immediately regretted our decision. Outside of the door was a corpse. She looked the same as the last, but had a crack in her skull. She grabbed Aunt May. For a sack of bones, she was strong. Connor couldn’t pry May loose. But in a second, the creature let go and headed for me. I backed up nervously with Connor. He swung a punch and cracked it’s skull in half. Dust exploded and the corpse fell to the ground. He hugged me. ”Estella,” he said, ”we gots to go.” I nodded. We made our way downstairs and outside. Cars were left abandoned and lights were on. The corpses had obviously wreaked havoc. ”My grandpa’s farm,” I winced, ”we can hide there till’ help comes.” ”Don’t y’all see Estella?” Connor asked, ”no help is coming.” I sighed. ”But I wanna see my grandpa before those things get there.”

As we walked, we saw corpses break through the ground. I squeezed his hand tightly. Connor’s heart must have been torn, his aunt and uncle both killed. And if I got away, he might as well be dead. ”Up here,” I pointed. I looked at the eerie barn that was my Grandpa’s. Connor and I galloped up the hill, trying not to waste energy, we’d need some for our big hide-and-seek game.

Sitting in Grandpa’s barn was the creepiest thing of my life. It was quiet. The floorboards kept creaking, and all I could hear was my breathing. Grandpa sat with us. I heard him humming. He was singing ”Dala’s RoseBush”, a song he wrote to my Grandma about 30 years ago. I chimed in. ”I’ll water it everyday, I’ll let the squirels take the seeds, I’ll hold you while I do so. So you…can see.” I tried to stay calm, but I couldn’t. So I kept singing. Little did I feel my hand slipping from Connor’s, slowly, and sweatily. He slipped off the bale of hay, and collapsed on the floor. Then I saw it. A bloody knife, jammed in his back. I stared. And stared. My body was cold, and hot at the same time. My eyes stung. I fainted…

Waking up, I was sitting in the middle of a deserted barn in the dead of night. I batted my teary eyelashes. Then I gasped with joy when I saw Connor, safe and sound, sitting on the bale of hay. ”Glad you’re awake.” He smiled, but it looked forced. ”I had a little hallucination. Sorry if I scared you.” ”No prob.” Connor forgave me. Then I froze. ”Where’s my Grandpa?! Where is he?” I screamed. Connor pushed me down gradually. I didn’t understand, ”Connor let me go! I need to find him!” ”I don’t know where he is either!” Connor screamed. I was hurt. My voice faltered, ”he’s probably at my parent’s house in town.” ”Probably.” He shrugged. ”Until then, we have to find another hiding spot. C’mon.” ”No.” I replied. ”Estella, hurry.” He urged. I didn’t budge. ”Remember what you said before: no help is coming. Were not even sure of Grandpa’s in town, which is probably packed with more of the corpses, why risk our lives?” I had stumped Connor. ”What about my parents?” His voice was saddened and dark. ”Do you think they’re dead, too?” I tried not to cry, ”Connor-” ”No. I need to see them. I don’t want to risk loosing you. Stay.” ”Connor!” I yelled. He disappeared into the night. And then, company.

There was at least 10 of those corpsey monsters had gathered around the barn. I kept screaming for Connor, and realized that the more I called him, the more corpses appeared. I was left for dead. Connor…Connor had sacrificed me…I ran out the back door of the barn, and ran right into a corpse. ”Aaaah!” I screamed shrilly. It grabbed my and slit one of my nostrils. I bolted up the hill and into Grandpa’s farm house. I found my room and ducked under my bed. Now usually, kids are afraid of their under-beds, but in this case, it was the opposite. I was so close to death, I just rocked back in forth while my nose dripped blood. I sang: ”Loving life, while you’re here, Dala you, make me want to cheer. Dala take me on a trip. I want you to never let me slip-” I was cut off. Those things entered my old room. I heard moans and footsteps. Then, a corpse dropped under my bed.

Not just any corpse, and not a dead one. It was Connor! He came back! ”Hey,” he whispered, ”I would never leave you.” I sniffled, and hugged him. We were laying under my bed, beaten and bruised, while a bunch of living dead walked around us. This was a nightmare come true. ”Estella,” Connor began, ”we will die here, tonight. But we will die as a team.” I wanted to cry pathetically, but I was too scared to. He gently cradled my face in his hands, and we kissed. Long. Like, so long.

Five years ago, this happened. These creatures gave life a try. Unfortunate for them, they were incredibly stupid and didn’t even last 24 hours. They forgot about us, and left my bedroom. They attacked eachother, and now things are back to normal. Don’t take life for granted. I was lucky. Most weren’t…and still aren’t.




1. Penny - March 7, 2009

I luv it! Its sooooo action packed! IYou word use is AMAZING!!!!!!!
I cant wait for more! (When there is more, can you tell me on my site?)
Thanks Umpulump! You are outstanding at stories!

2. umphulump55 - March 7, 2009

Wow, thank you penny! im so happy you like my stories. i’ll write more soon!

3. StarandWiifan - June 18, 2009

yay i’m 10 🙂
holy crud…this is one of THE best stories you’ve ever done. when are you gonna continue it?

4. hannahgirl88 - June 18, 2009

pleeeeeeeeeease finish it! looks like you forgot it. last time someone commented, it was in march Early march! 🙂
Umph Replies: Well i just updated it like, last week lol.

5. StarandWiifan - June 18, 2009

I’m gonna make another story soon called “The Inferno” which is kinda gonna be like this one.
TUCKER OUT! (aka Wiifan7 10) yay I can use my name

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