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Her eyes were fixed on the monkey, THE EIGHT EYED MARVEL. Phoebe tossed her curly honey blonde hair. ”What’s with this monkey?” She asked the care giver. ”Oh, this thing? It’s just a messed up mongrel, not much to be proud of.” Phoebe frowned. She followed the man as he walked toward the gates. ”Messed up? That’s mean. She’s beautiful, I’d say.” The care giver frowned. He grumbled. ”Look kid, get lost. I’m shipping eight eyes, here, to Mongolia for the summer.” His shaggy hair was full of bedding flakes and his suit was splattered with dirt. ”You are the monster,” Phoebe exploded with anger, ” the treatment here is inhumane and unacceptable! I could take better care of the monkey!” And it was then. My best friend had just said eight life-changing words. The monkey would be hers.

First, Phoebe brought the monkey home in her father’s pick-up truck. Phoebe was a young colloge student, working to become a marine biologist. Now, she was skimming through books in search of answers: where was this monkey from, how did she get like this? Phoebe took a good look at the monkey. It was an orangutan. She had an innocent face and wore a cute purple vest. Her fur was stragly and dirty. Yet, the monkey, who had been named Sapphira, was the most beautiful creature Phoebe had ever seen.



1. becci2748592 - February 21, 2009

aww, coolio story! r u gunna add more to it? i really love it.

2. HannahGirl88 - July 2, 2009

yea can you add more? i LOVE your stories!

3. luvurlab6168 - October 15, 2009

Wow you are an amazing writer! Maybe I will add a page like this to my blog because I LOOOVVVE to write!

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