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Swamp Cabin 2: Escape from Parton Park

I woke up in a daze. I was exhausted and didn’t have the power to stand or sit. After several deep inhales, I gathered my strength and pulled myself onto my scabbed knees, bonking my head on the tent. Everything was A-OK so far. My backpack was at the end of my sleeping bag and Tyler was knocked out beside me, clutching his blanket. I yawned and looked at my wrist watch. It was 1:55 am. All of a sudden I was a little worried about being in a tent in the middle of the woods at one in the morning. Then I became more worried. The color faded from my flushed face as I realized that my dog wasn’t beside me. I grabbed my backpack, jumped up, pushed out of the tent and ran…

I pushed through branches and hedges, getting soaked, scraped and muddy as water jumped off the branches and drenched me. ”Oswald!” I called(what?! My mom named him!). No reply. Finally I slowed down. I was panting heavily, still awaiting a response from my lost canine companion. ”Oswald!” I choked out one last time, cupping my hands around my mouth as I called. I spun around, something was rattling through the bushes. ”Jeremy!” I heard. It was Tyler. He looked weary and angry. ”Yo, man! Why you’ running?” ”Oswald! He’s gone!” I explained. Tyler looked dazed and confused. ”You okay?” ”No! My dog is missing!” I growled. Tyler broke out laughing. He said,  ”your pup never disappeared! He was sleeping beside me.” I blinked hard, trying to process the thought. ”Oh…” ”Don’t worry, everyone does dopey stuff. Like me, for example. I always forget to brush my teeth in the morning.” I stared at Tyler. He shrugged, ”my breath doesn’t stink.” I remained quiet with a blank look on my face. Tyler must have thought I disagreed. ”Does it,” he asked, embarrassed. I laughed, ”oh, Tyler. Common man, let’s get back to the tent.” I had just made the wrong choice, though. We should’ve gone home, because our innocent little camp-out was about to get ugly.

Back at the tent we were all hyped up and didn’t want to go back to sleep. We just laughed at Oswald farting in his sleep, played ”would you rather” and came up with funny scenarios of things happening in the woods. Tyler sighed. ”I’m hungry.” I replied, ”me too. Let’s see what I have in my backpack.” I reached into my backpack and pulled out my toothbrush, my water-bottle, bug-spray, athletic cup(Please, don’t ask.), and jacket. ”Uh…oh…” I frowned. I had forgot to pack food. Tyler read my expression and mumbled ”we’re doomed”. ”D-don’t panic, it’ll be okay,” I assured. ”We have our drinks.” ”Yes-our drinks. No food.” ”Well…we can look for food.” ”Maybe…” Tyler rubbed his chin. ”Kay, let’s go.” We swung our backpacks over our shoulders and began looking for food. First we saw some berry bushes beside our tent. They were black in color. I knew that they were okay to eat. I plucked some off and dumped them into my water-bottle. Tyler squeezed his hand in and felt around. I scolded him for squishing my berries and he pulled away. ”Is this all the food in the woods?” He asked. I shrugged, ”hope’ not.” Tyler gasped. I followed his gaze to a full can of food laying on the forest floor. He dusted the leaves off and inspected the container. It was a ”Park Ranger” brand trail mix can, un-opened, and not expired or stale either. Tyler spilt some onto his palm and ate. ”Mmmm…” He licked his lips, which were covered in salt particles and pretzel crumbs. I grabbed the can and dumped a fist-full into my mouth, almost choking. I could taste the salty spice of the pretzels mix with the sweet, chewiness of the dried fruit. All of a sudden, I heard a rattle of trees behind me and water poured down. I shined my flashlight in that direction, revealing something too big to be my dog, but too slimy to be a human…

Tyler froze, his lip quivering. There was a chill in the air that rattled my spine and almost made me shed my skin. I mouthed the words, ”run. Now.” But Tyler didn’t budge. ”Now.” I urged, gently nudging Tyler’s shoulder. He still didn’t blink. I screamed, ”NOW!!” With my scream, I shoved Tyler forward and he bolted, me still clutching his backpack strap. We ran so fast, I could barely feel the ground beneath my feet. My heart was pounding a loud ”BA-boom, Ba-boom, ba-boom, ” which I didn’t think was natural. All of a sudden our course of direction changed and Tyler swung me to the right, sending me nearly toppling to the ground. He pulled me behind a tree and covered my mouth with his sweaty hand. I peeked behind the tree trunk and saw it; slimy, green, headless and armless. It cocked its neck-stump like a robot toward us, and I cringed. Tyler’s grip became tighter as I tried to yelp. It made a ticking sound and lunged at us. Tyler pulled me the forest floor as the thing attempted to attack us. But it froze. A bit of steam arose from its neck stump, and it collapsed silently beside us with a crackle of leaves. Tyler released me. Then, she came over. In the dim moonlight, I saw a girl. She was tall, her hair in a pony-tail, and holding some sort of instrument. When she stepped closer the full moon shown on the beautiful face of an old friend. Light skinned, big hazel eyes and studded earrings. I recognized her immediately. ”Stephanie!” I cried with joy. She pulled me in for a hug, but gave me a big surprise. Stephanie landed a wet kiss on my lower cheek. I blushed. ”My God, it’s been so long,” she sighed. Tyler gave her a knuckle-touch as if she had planned this hole entry. ”What was that thing?” I asked. Stephanie replied, ”you tell me.” I didn’t have to. 2 years ago I was attacked by super-natural demons at Summer Camp. There was no doubt about it, the Gooey Men were back. This time, in Parton Park.

Using an old sheet we found in the forest, Tyler, Stephanie and I hauled the Gooey creature back to our tent. Stephanie explained that her cat went missing, she found it covered in goo(but un-harmed)and suspected that the creatures had followed us to our city. I stared at the lifeless carcus of the demon. Stephanie reached into its head and pulled out a dart. ”It’s dead,” Stephanie sighed, frowning. I replied, ”how many more are there?” I asked. She pulled out a map. This is Camp Clifton, this patch of trees to the North East. Down here, the the South West, is our city. That’s about 450 miles away. Who knows how many of those things have migrated down here.” ”I’m out,” Tyler declared and tried to run. I grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him back. ”We should take this body to the police,” I decided. Stephanie nodded in agreement, ”yeah. But what are they going to do?” No one responded.

Stephanie, Tyler and I hatched a plan. Tyler would stand guard in our tent. Stephanie would drag the body to a certain mark, where she would call me and we would switch spots. It sounded flawless, but we left out a few main charecters. I was sitting on a bench, waiting for the secret call. After about 45 minutes, I got worried. What if Stephanie was…one of those things already? I jumped off the bench and ran, and ran, and ran. Finally I found her. Stephanie was laying beneath a pile of leaves. I rolled her over. Her skin was ice cold and she wasn’t breathing. I tried mouth-to-mouth, but she didn’t move at all. Then I spotted the problem. There was a lump in her throat. I layed her upside down and pounded on her back. I heard a mucusy cough followed by some hoarse breaths. Stephanie was alive! She has swallowed a starburst and choked, falling into the leaves, unconscious. ”I’m okay,” she replied, staggering to her feet. ”What about the body?” I asked. Stephanie frowned and turned pale, ”oh-oh…oh-no! Th-the body! It’s gone!” ”Relax!” I pushed her shoulders down. ”It’s not like it can come back to life.” I had spoke too soon…

Staggering toward us was the vital Gooey Creature, its neck still with a hole. ”It’s alive! But how?” ”They must be able to heal eachother-there practically invincible!” Stephanie cried. Running wouldn’t work this time, we were becoming surrounded by a ring of Gooey Men which was slowly narrowing. We clutched eachother for dear life. Stephanie let out a screech as one grabbed her pony tail and pulled her. Then I saw Oswald. He was growling, and you don’t want to be near my dog when its growling. He lunged-and ferociously attacked all of the Gooey Men. I dodged little flubbery green pieces being thrown around. Tyler and Stephanie came over. ”Let’s go, while we still have time!” Tyler urged. I answered, ”I’m not leaving Oswald!” ”We HAVE to!” Stephanie growled, impatiently. ”Go on, without me,” I sighed, ”I have to save my dog.” With one final look of sympathy, my friends disappeared into the pitch black clot of trees.

Oswald was obviously winning, he was immune to the Gooey Men virus. However, I knew he wouldn’t last long and he was outnumbered. I immediately regretted my decision when a glob of green goo landed on my forearm and began to almost consume me. I tried clawing it off, but it just spread. Oswald was the hero again and bit the goo off of my arm. ”Let’s go boy!” I clapped. Oswald took one last bite at a creature before it grabbed his collar. He wimpered. ”No!” I cried. I tried pulling Oswald away, but the creaure was too strong. It pulled him into its abdomen and Oswald dissapeared. ”No!! Stop it!!” I kicked the thing into a tree and SPLAT. It turned to a pile of goo, Oswald emerging. ”Yay!” I grabbed Oswald and we ran after Stephanie and Tyler.

We were lost for about 2 hours. No Gooey Men. Just silence, which was more eerie than our gooey enemies. I heard Oswald’s tummy grumbling when he was tucked under my arm, and the leaves crunching beneath my sneakers. Every now and then a bird chirped. ”Where are we?” I asked. Oswald was starving. I wanted to cry. I wanted to go home. These things were invading, and what the hell could we do?!

”I know.” Stephanie said, as if reading my mind. ”Oswald wasn’t affected by the goo, right?” ”Yeah…” Tyler nodded slowly. ”Well, he could take these things down.” Stephanie smiled smugly. ”Yeah, but there’s 1 Oswald and God knows how many of the demons.” I pouted. ”Yes, 1 Oswald. Lots of other dogs.” Tyler and I stared at Stephanie. Either she was nuts, or we were nuts, but this was our only hope.

You’re wondering, ”well, how are you gonna gather all the dogs in the city?” We didn’t need to. Oswald helped us out by fleeing the park and getting his canine friends. About 6 dogs came back. I smiled hopefully. ”Remind me to give you a treat if we survive, Oswald.” I scratched behind his ears.

Then, Tyler came speeding toward us, screaming. ”They’re following me, all of them!” ”How many?” Stephanie asked. ”About a hundred.” Tyler replied, panting. The gooey men closed in on us, and the dogs took action…

We’re alive. The gooeymen, destroyed. But we will always be haunted by the memories at Parton Park…



1. ♥ Animalluver ♥ - October 5, 2009

creative ! just one mistake.

…”I peeked behind the tree trunk and saw it; slimy, green, headless and armless. It cocked its head like a robot toward us, and I cringed….”

It says they were HEADLESS , but how can they cock their heads ? [;
nice story !
Umph Replies: Thanks for the feedback 😀 TYSM for spotting that mistake. I can’t believe that I didn’t see that!

2. ♥ Animalluver ♥ - October 5, 2009

;D your welcome.[;

3. HuskysGirl (HannahGirl88) - October 11, 2009

Awesome! It took sooner to read then i thought. i thought it would be like 5 hours to read! but i love it!

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