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Swamp Cabin

It was supposed to be the best summer of my life, the brochure said. It was supposed to boost my self-esteem, the brochure said. But it wasn’t and didn’t. Camp Clifton was up the hill. The van bounced up the bumpy pavement. I pressed my face to the window. I saw a bunch of cars parked behind some pine trees. Boys and girls flooded out of the parking lot and across the road. ”Looks fun, Jeremy.” My mom smiled. But no, my mom couldn’t have been more wrong.

After we parked the car, unloaded my bags from the trunk, we headed off across the road. I was the one heaving the bag across. My mom only carried my thermos. Finally, we made it to a cabin. It was a log cabin with a glossy window in front. I saw a lady behind the window. She was old. She had medium golden brown hair, straight and down to her ears. Her face was wrinkly and droopy and flabby. ”Hello,”she gave a small smile. I winced and dropped the bag. ”Hi, I’m here to drop my son, Jeremy off.”My mom handed the lady a beige folder with my camper sheets inside. ”I’m Ms. Belyshev, Camp Clifton administrator.”The lady went through our papers. ”Hi,”I gave a shy wave. ”Welcome to Camp Clifton, ”Ms.Belyshev signed a paper in a red sharpie. ”Leader Lucas should be here any second to give you a tour of the camp.” I gave a little laugh. Leader Lucas? C’mon, it was hilarious. Of course I stopped giggling when I saw Leader Lucas. He was at least 6′ 5”, had giant abs and a stone cold face. He was crazy. ”Welcome to Camp Clifton,” he nodded, ”I’ll show you around.” Leader Lucas had beady eyes and a fine chin. I swallowed hard when ever he said my name. The tour began. First, we followed a concrete path to the field. ”Welcome to the field. Here is where you do your sports and archery.” I beamed. I loved archery. My mom smiled and gave me a little pat on the back. ”Sounds fun, huh, Jeremy?” Leader Lucas grinned. Hepatted me on the back and nearly broke it with his Goliath hands. Next, we went back into the woods. I saw ropes and wood devices that looked like torture instruments. I swallowed. ”Is this where you hang people?” Leader Lucas chuckled hoarsely. ”No, son. This is the ropes course.” My mom gasped. ”Honey you love playing on courses.” I did. This place was heaven, so far…

So, next we saw the Dinner Cabin, the place where we eat. It smelt like pizza. Then there was the Canoe Shed. We could grab canoes and use them only in the Pist River. At last, Leader Lucas showed us the cabins. My personal favorite was the Pist River Cabin. It was right near the canoe shed. It had two bathrooms and instead of one. And instead of bunk beds, they had single beds. My next favorite was the Blows di vento cabin. It had bunk beds and the single bathroom but it had a porch with a shuffle board and sticks. We went back to Ms.Belyshev for cabin assignment. While my mom talked to her, I kept my fingers, toes and limbs crossed. ”Pist River cabin, Pist River cabin,”I whispered. ”Okay, Jeremy. I’m putting you in-” I leaned in. ”Well that’s odd…”Ms.Belyshev frowned. So did I. ”What?” I asked. ”It seems all our cabins are full.”Ms.Belyshev flipped through some papers. ”How’s that possible?” My mom asked. ”Wait, one is empty.” Ms.Belyshev raised her eye brows. ”Is it Pist River or Blows di vento?” I clenched my teeth and crossed my fingers until they pinched and stung. ”Nope,”Ms.Belyshev shook her head. I sighed and banged my fist on my thigh. My mom put her hand on my shoulder. Ms.Belyshev showed me a map. ”Did Leader Lucas show you…the swamp cabin?”

So my mom left. I was still disappointed that I couldn’t get into any other cabin. I mean, we didn’t even see the Swamp Cabin on the tour. Was it an outhouse? First, Leader Lucas walked me to the Dinner Cabin for lunch. It was packed. Children of all ages, shapes, sizes and genders ate pizza. I licked my lips. I immediately made an enemy. A boy with light skin, long and shaggy walnut hair with long bangs, and about a third my size was sitting at a table. He tore through his pizza with his teeth. There was an open spot next to him. So I decided to sit. I grabbed a paper plate and a took out my thermos. He was glaring at me. ”Umm..”I frowned. Little did I know, shorty was tuff. ”Don’t glare at me!” He shoved me off of the bench. Some kids snickered. The first to my aid was a girl. She was really tall and skinny. She had coppery red hair tied in a pony-tail. Her eyes were wide and buldgy pools of hazel. She looked alarmed. ”Are you okay?” She cried as she helped me up. ”Yeah.” I stuttered. She was beautiful. ”Pay no mind to Jackson, the little devil who pushed you off.” ”You know him?” I asked, staggering to my feet. ”Only my second year here,” she shrugged, ”he’s been here longer than me. So what cabin you in?” ”Um, swamp cabin. You?” I was distracted by her beautiful studded earrings. She answered quickly, ” Gladiators. My friend Kelly’s in Pist River. Lucky her.” ”I agree.” I rolled my eyes. ”I’m Stephanie.” She grinned. ”Uh, Jeremy.” I shrugged. ”Nice seeing you Jeremy.” She held out her hand. I shook it. ”You too.” I smiled, I probably looked like an idiot.

After lunch, all of us went out onto the field. We dropped all our water bottles and thermos’ in a heap by the gate. Little did I know, Leader Lucas was also Coach Lucas. He wore a whistle around his neck. ”Okay campers! Time for our first game. You will take a water balloon from the tub. Throw it at an opponent. If you’re hit, you’re out. Simple as 1-2-3. ” I looked around. I could see Stephanie sitting on the grass. ”Ready,” I stood up, ”set,” I aimed ”WHEEE!” At the blow of the whistle, I darted toward the tub. Everyone charged. Before I even made it to the tub, I fell, no, I was tripped! It was Jackson, the little brat who pushed me off of the bench. Water balloons whizzed above my head. I saw Stephanie running toward me. She ran by and helped me up. ”Cmon!” She cried. We darted out of the way. I saw Jackson emerge from the throng. ”Yikes!” He elbowed me into a tree. ”Stop it, you twerp!” He pulled my pants open. Jackson then dropped a water balloon into my boxers. ”Haha!” Jackson pointed. ”Hey everyone! Check out this kid!” The water balloonsseized. Everyone turned. Laughter erupted. Stephanie stared open-mouthed at me. I knew that she was trying to hide her laughter. I sighed. My worst day of camp was yet to come.

Later that day, after being laughed at by nearly everyone, we headed back to our cabins. I took a path to mine. I hated the general location. It was right near the swamp, you had to walk through mud and water and it smelt like dead animals and poop. At least I wasn’t alone. I entered. The floors squeaked, and everything was dusty. I dropped my duffle bag onto the floor and began unpacking. I heard foot steps. Someone came down the stairs. ”Hi,” he said. I spun around. ”What’s up?” I asked. He had dark skin and curly black hair. He wore jeans and a long sleeve polo. ”Not much. I’m Tyler,” he said. ”I’m Jeremy,” I answered, ”I’m new here.” ”I see.” Tyler looked me up and down. ”You wet your pants?” I shook my head. ”No, some little twerp named Jackson stuffed a water balloon down my pants.” Tyler started cracking up. ”Sorry, man!” He laughed. ”No problem, ” I grumbled. ”So is this your first year?” Tyler asked.I folded my pajamas. ”Yeah, yours?” ”Third,” he corrected, ”first time in this cabin, though.” ”Oh. Weird place, huh?” ”Yeah,” he sniffed, ”smells, too. I heard this swamp is haunted.” ”Okay,” I held my laugh,”sounds scary.” ”And worse,” Tyler leaned in, ”it’s not ghosts, but demons.” ”You don’t actually believe that, do you?” I asked. ”No way!” Tyler laughed, ”and even if there were, no Casper’s getting me.” I broke out laughing. Finally, a male who is nice to me. But that’s when things got bad…

That night, we met our counseler, Jane. She was nice. She had ebony colored hair, light skin, was a little chubby, but had a cheerful smile. She had a tent up the hill, so we could visit her if there were any problems. So far, there weren’t. I had unpacked and was ready for bed. Tyler chose the bottom bunk, he was afraid of heights. We went from talking about whales to talking about pirates to talking about the circus. When my throat hurt, we stopped. Tyler was asleep when I heard foot steps. I was relived to see Jane walking through our cabin. She was dropping off the laundry. When she left, I heard the door open. I sat up. ”Jane?” I muttered. But it wasn’t. The door slowly squeaked open. I climbed down the ladder and walked toward the door. I flung it open. There, standing before my very eyes was…well…It was tall, had no head, dripping green ooze and had no arms. I screamed. So loud, louder than you’ll ever hear. I bet Stephanie woke with a start. It staggered toward me. I continued screaming for bloody murder. The green slime pummeled the floor boards. Without thinking, I elbowed it out my door. My arm stuck to it’s gooey abdomen and I fell with it. It exploded and burst into green oozy slime on impact. Tyler rushed over. ”What happened?!” He cried. ” It was all slimy!!! It was from the swamp!!!” He pulled me to my feet. ”Dude, stop making things up, I thought you were getting killed!” Jane, Leader Lucas and Patrick(another counselor)rushed to my cabin. I tried telling them that an armless gooey torso just attacked me, but no one believed me. Tyler was shaken up, everyone was tired and worried, but the badness just started.

The next day was terrible. People were still laughing about the water balloon in my pants, and no one belived  me about the gooey thing. At breakfast, I was too tired to eat. I barely got any sleep from the gooey disturbance. So, I gave Tyler my omelet, cereal, orange and cereal bar. ”You sure you don’t want any?” He asked. ”No,” I snored. I pressed my face on my plate, exhausted. ”Still tired, huh?” Stephanie came over with a bowl of corn flakes. ”Yeah,” I closed my eyes, ”and you wouldn’t believe why.” ”Why?” She asked. ”Something came into our cabin last night,” I shuddered, ”it wasn’t human or animal. It wasn’t from this planet I don’t think.” ”All right!” Stephanie patronized. ”Man!” Tyler banged his fists on the table.”Man, you’re scaring me! If there is something out there, I wanna find out what.” ”OK then,”Stephanie smiled slyly,”we’ll find out. Tonight. I’ll meet you at your cabin.” Stephanie took her bowl of cereal and left. I shivered. I didn’t want to find out what was in the swamp. ”Dude,” Tyler smiled a toothy grin, ”I think she just asked us out!”

After breakfast, we had an archery lesson, which I enjoyed. Then we went canoing, I enjoyed that too. I almost forgot about the horrific monster in my secluded cabin. Until…later…I was coming back from a special seminar in the Heath Cabin. I had just learned cardio pulminary resuscitation. I stepped into my cabin. There was Stephanie and Tyler. Stephanie had brought binoculars, Tyler had his camera. ”Ready to go monster hunting?” Stephanie teased. ”Sure,” I sighed. ”I set my thermos down. ”Great,” Tyler replied, ”let’s go.” We left the cabin. We were walking through muck and mud for about ten minutes. I saw something behind the thick bush of water reed. Stephanie gently moved some out of the way. She gasped and pulled away. ”What?” I shivered. ”Move the reed…”She whispered. Tyler did, then he gasped. There were at least ten-no-twenty of them. Gooey men. All missing some kind of limb. They oozed like the one in our cabin. Suddently, Stephanie let out a terrified scream. ”AAAAHHH!!!!!!” A slimey hand touched her shoulder. The crowd of slimy and gooey men turned. ”Are you getting this?” I screamed at Tyler, who was frozen. ”Run!” Screamed Stephanie. We did. We raced through the water and mud. More and more gooey men appeared. Finally, we saw our cabin. ”Get to the cabin!” Cried frightened Tyler. We raced up the porch and got into the cabin faster than greased lightning.

I locked the door. Stephanie ran over and hugged me. Tyler looked at the footage. Iresputable proof, I called it. ”We have to show this to someone.” Tyler panted. ”I’m not leaving this place,”Stephanie cried, ”those things are out there.” I put my hand on my head. Jane came down the stairs. ”Kids!” She yelled. I frowned, what counseler yells like that? ”Jane,” Tyler began, ”look what-” ”I don’t care you snotty brat!” She screeched. ”What is this?” She held out her arm. On it was a gooey green substance. It began spreading up and down. I gasped. Tyler pulled me back. Stephanie backed up, too. Soon, the substance engulfed her entire arm, and all visible parts. When her face became green, it melted in on itself and her entire head dissapeared, so did her arms. I gasped. She was one of them. ”Get away!” Screamed Stephanie. A droplet of goo landed on Tyler’s leg. ”Ah! Ah!” He tried kicking it off. It began to engulf his shin. I scratched it off and whipped it back at Jane. ”We need to get outta here!” Cried Tyler, looking out the window. I looked too, and there were hundreds of gooey men.

So, we tried for the door. I flung it open, but gooey men started flooding in. Two broke in through the windows. They were coming in from every exit. Tyler, Stephanie and I got into the bathroom and locked the door. They began banging on it, ooze and slime seeping in under the door. ”Wait,” Tyler smiled, ”the bathroom window!” There was a little slit window above the toilet. Stephanie climbed on the toilet tank and opened it. ”C’mon! Quickly!” We squabbled out of it, onto the grass. The air was cold and we were muddy, wet , tired and filthy. We staggered to our feet and sped across the grass. We passed the Gladiator, Pist River and Mangos Cabins. Finnally, we made it out of the camp. I panted and fell onto the pavement. ”How are we gonna get out of here?!” Tyler cried. We saw the gooey men entering Pist River Cabin, and heard screams. ”Run,” Stephanie answered. And so, Stehanie, Tyler and I set off down the dark road, away from Camp Clifton, away from Swamp Cabin…



1. Penny - February 6, 2009

Excelent, I loved it!

2. umphulump55 - February 6, 2009

OMG! U read the whole thing? Wowza!

3. ::βrꆆ:: - February 10, 2009

i think u just copied from Google or something! Lolz, Jk! did u? *eyeballs ump weird* Did You? Jkz

4. Isla (pronounced eye-luh) - April 21, 2009

Thats so good! You’re a really talented writer. Keep writing! Don’t stop no matter what. Also, I uploaded the graphic to this page. If you wanted it somewhere else, or I messed up 😆 let me know! 🙂

5. Brry3321 - April 22, 2009

I read the whole thing! Its great! I love reading exciting and scary stories! But,dont like to watch scary movies…

6. doggyz111 - April 24, 2009

THIS IS AMAZING! R u sure u made it up? anyways that story was very interesting.

7. CuTeKaT - April 29, 2009

holy moly this thing is long but it’s good!

8. 1ymapinky1 - May 9, 2009

😀 she entered this is my story contest and won 1st place!

9. tom - May 19, 2009

Great post thanks

10. sarah n - June 4, 2009

yeah… as mutch as i love your writting i didn’t have enough lung capacity to read it. It was sooooooooooooo long! but despite that fact i still love your story thanks

11. ♥Bbfreeze - June 11, 2009

This is sooo good! It was suspensful until the very last word! Great job!

12. fellarina - June 24, 2009

lol its great!!!!

13. HannahGirl88 - July 2, 2009


14. Starduust - July 7, 2009

Your such a talented writer :} OMG, this should be published, I would buy it!
Umph Replies: Thanks, to all of you!

15. StarandWiifan - July 7, 2009

this is an awesome story! 🙂 you should do what Allison does and submit other people’s stories

~wiifan7 10~

16. StarandWiifan - July 7, 2009

P.S. I’m on Chapter 5 of the Inferno if you’re wondering. 😀

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