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*Untitled so far*

”Hello?” Called Eunice, her voice echoing in the silence of night. A spine tingling howl of wind twisted through her ribbon-like hair. The barn was secluded, or so she thought. Without any second thoughts, she reached into her breast pocket and pulled out the crinkly note. She unfolded it and read.


 By now you’ve probably at the farm. Don’t enter the barn, but swipe the rusty toolbox from the hay bale. Don’t look, just take the toolbox and run.


The girl did so, reluctantly picking up the old toolbox. The red paint was chipping and the handle was nearly falling off. She didn’t think taking a peek inside the box would upset Tiffany, after-all, Tiffany didn’t have to know. So Eunice cautiously opened the rusty box which opened with a creak.

But before she could take a glimpse inside, a shadowy figure emerged from the hedges. A tall man, square-headed, and holding an object in his left hand. Eunice swiped the box and ran, sure that the object was a knife. The figure followed in close pursuit, the girl screaming for her life as she attempted to escape. The man stopped, but Eunice was convinced that he was still following her, and ran off across the fields, back to her car. Of course, this wasn’t some homicidal maniac trying to kill Eunice, just the agitated owner of the farm.

She finally reached her car, parked in a marshy clearing and hopped in like the frightened girl she was. Forcing her keys into the ignition, the engine hissed and refused to start. Eunice growled and banged on the steering wheel. At last with one more hiss, the car flew out of the swamp like it was being pulled by a string and Eunice speed down the dirt road.

Driving precariously, Eunice couldn’t wait to discover what was inside the box. She almost wanted to pull over on the scary, deserted road in the dead of night just to open the box. But no, Eunice knew better, especially after what she had just witnessed at the farm. Then she saw the sight she loved best, lights, humans, civilization. Eunice sighed, relieved.



1. HannahGirl88 - July 2, 2009

Great Story!!!!! is there…..More?

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