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hey guys it’s sarah!!! June 30, 2009

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watch this


Hello, Hey Lo. June 30, 2009

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Hey Lo! I am soooo bored! I have a blister on my foot 😦 Waaa! Today I’m going to Six Flags and I will say this:

With God as my witness, I WILL ride the Mind Eraser.

Here’s a picture of the Mind Eraser:


Won’t it erase my mind?! It’s so fun looking, though. I’ll SCREAM the whole time. Really loudly, too. If I scream really loudly, I…I don’t know.

What was the scariest coaster you’ve been on?

VISIT! June 29, 2009

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Hello there, Tucker again. My sister, Star 13 17 (Misty),  just made a new blog like I did. http://stars17.wordpress.com She wants people to visit, so please click on that link ^^^^^^^^^^^^ WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…IF YOUR STILL READING, THAT MEANS YOU HAV’NT CLICKED ON IT YET…SO CLICK ON IT…you know you wanna…STOP READING THIS AND CLICK!!!!


Am I a Witch?! June 28, 2009

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Aah!!! In Salem, they used to hang and/or burn Witches alive!! I’m not a Witch, though. Watch. *Grabs broom, tries to fly, doesn’t* I don’t have a black cat! *Holds up dog* See? *Dog pulls nose off* Keep your muzzle on, Fluffy, don’t blow our secret! AND, I don’t know how to make a potion! Lizard tails and bat wings; dead decaying bird sings! *Nothing happens* And vela, I am not a witch! Applause! *Cricket, cricket* Clap, or I’ll turn you all into toads! *Clap clap clap* See how innocent I am?


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Hiya! This is Tucker, with some news.

1. The Gateway to Nowhere is canceled. I went on Wikipedia, and went on the Dream Theater’s Systematic Chaos. Here’s what the guys on Wikipedia said about the Ministry of Lost Souls. (This is 1000 percent from http://wikipedia.com )

“At just under fifteen minutes in length, “The Ministry of Lost Souls” is the album’s second longest track. Throughout the song’s lyrics, Petrucci tells of a person who dies in the process of saving a woman from drowning. However, the woman who is saved is filled with “regret and sorrow” until she is able to re-unite with her rescuer.


The Gateway to Nowhere was supposed to be a whole different perspective. I just didn’t wanna ruin John Petrucci’s lyrics.

2. I just wannt to say…DREAM THEATER IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS! (Actually is my favorite band next to Porcupine Tree.)  (Speaking of Porcupine Tree, the song Sever is on right now.) They just came out with a new album, Black Clouds & Silver Linings. I WANNA BUY IT SO BADLY!!! 

Fav song from DT: Pull Me Under. PULL ME UNDER IS AN AWESOME SONG!