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I want to play plinko! August 31, 2009

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Zuba muh boobas 😆

In other words, hello. Today was my first day of middle school! It was a little lonely because I didn’t know anyone 😦 It was cool, though. Have you ever played plinko? It rocks out loud! I wanna play!

Goodnight and goodday, Umphulump.


Stranger With my Face: a recommended book for thriller fans August 30, 2009

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message 4 Umph! You didn’t put the right link for my blog on the blogroll. The “O” in Raz0r is supposed to be a zero. http://raz0redge.wordpress.com

Hello peeps! This is Tucker (Raz0rEdge)! (I’m still on my old WP account)

I wanted to put a part of my post First Day of School on here. It’s about one of my favorite books, Stranger with my Face.

now I wan’t to talk to you about Stranger with My Face. It’s a book written by Lois Duncan, which I got at my school library, and I read it during Christmas time. It’s a very awesome book. Here’s a review from amazon.com that tells all about it.

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4.0 out of 5 stars {:O), December 11, 2000
By  Sean Galaviz (Saginaw, MI USA) – See all my reviews

*Stranger With My Face, is highly interesting and should be read by all Lois Duncan fans around. It is an interesting book if you are into a more far fetched sort of environment. The book deals with things like “astral projection” which is having the capability of placing yourself in another location when so desired. The main character, Laurie Stratton, lives at the Cliff House on the northern part of Brighton Island. Lia is Laurie’s twin sister that was separated from Laurie at birth and can travel places through the power of astral projection. Lia is the main cause of the problems happening in the story. Lia begins to appear to Laurie’s friends causing problems of all kinds, like putting Laurie’s friend, Helen in a coma, which in turn allows Laurie to know that there is an impostor posing as her. Laurie learns that she had a twin sister who was sperarated from her at birth and also begins to learn how to use astral projection. She projects herself to Lia’s house to find that Lia had killed her sister by making a horse that she was riding on, land on top of her along with other things about Lia and the story continues. The book is enjoyable but there could have been a better ending. This is why the book will get a 4 star rating. If you like other Lois Duncan classics, you will enjoy Stranger With My Face.*

And yesterday, on the Lifetime channel…it said that it was gonna be a movie. And I was REALLY excited because Stranger with my Face is one of my fav books! But then a half hour ago, it said that is was on Lifetime Movie Network. And we don’t have LMN. 😦

The movie aired yesterday. And they always say “the book is better than the movie.” I still wanted to see it. But for scary book fans, DIS IS DA BOOK 4 YA!


Header Mix-Up August 29, 2009

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Hello Earthlings. I’m trying to make a new header, but it’s not really working that well. Hopefully I’ll have my new header up soon. In other totally unrelated news, school is starting soon! This will be my first year as a middle schooler. Any suggestions on how I can be, you know, not dorky? I was up all last night decorating my backpack with pins and junk. So far, I have one goth HelloKitty pin, one cute monkey pin, one skull pin and a fuzzy pink seal hanging from the zipper xD OH NO, HELLO KITTY FELL OFF! Back to subject, school. I’m trying not to be a doof. But that’s pretty hard especially since I’m a hardcore doof inside. We have school uniforms at my school >:P But I’m getting creative with them. I have funky socks to wear with skirts and awesome schoes. Oh, and I’m temporarily dying my sidebangs blue. Yes. Actually, it’s called tripped up turquois. Here’s a picture: http://images5.sortprice.com/img/7012/YCelJAisWXqVwp7yliG Tell me that’s not awesome. These are my shweet new shoes. http://images1.lkimg.com/product-images–382776c20de2be458bb6c3a3033214e27e3d0daf-d16932272a1c1dd5–jpg_sqthumb_med–womensshoes-punkrose-shoes-women-apos-s-sneakers-klean-style-73224.jpg I wish I could make that picture bigger :/ Okay, my fingers are about to pass out. See ya later, peeps 😉

Up a Hit August 27, 2009

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Good day, Ga peoples 🙂 This idea was inspired by the Panic Button, a great site you can get to by clicking the word marshmallow. Aha! That’s not the marshmallow I ment. Just kidding. Here’s the website: http://panicbuttonblog.com/

So what I’ll be doing in this post is complementing the people who have visited the most and upped our hits in the past month or so.

In third place is…

Lunaswebkinz! Who has visited this site lots and has commented 96 times! Let’s congratulate her by visiting her shared blog, http://harrycullen.wordpress.com/

In second place is…

Raz0redge! He has visited this site many, many times and has commented…an unknown number of times… 😆 Let’s congratulate him by visiting his new and improved site, http://raz0rege.wordpress.com/

In first place is…

JORJEEA! She has visited this site constantly for a while and has commented 51 times! Whoo hoo! Let’s congratulate her by visiting her site, http://jorjeea.wordpress.com/

Now, if you want to be loved like the people in this post, just visit more and comment more. Until then, bu-bye!

Wow, thank you so much! August 25, 2009

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We’re at 30,400 hits 😀

Thank you all so much for making this possible. Without you, we’d be at what, 10 hits? Give yourselves a pat on the back, or a round of applause. Whatever you want. To celebrate, here is your funny picture.


Anyways, we’ll be having a contest in September. It’s a really cool contest that you can play whether you have a blog or not. This is a ”Ga Green Game” where you can help the enviroment while having fun. And, you can submit your entries anytime between 9/1/09 and 9/30/09 so you have all of September to participate. For rules and registration, visit https://umphulump55.wordpress.com/rloob/ga-green-game/