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Happy News Years! Uh…Eve December 31, 2009

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Happy News Year Eve! I’m so excited for 2010 to come in. On Jan. 4th, this site will have been around for one whole year! So, let us recap almost a year.

Comments: 3,254

Spam xP Comments: 2,160

Hits: 41,479

Busiest Day: Feburary 21 with 527 hits

Total Posts: 305

Number of tags: 497

Terrific! This post will be staying up until our January 4th. And while you’re at it, check out our countdown til’ 2010 clock below.



Celebrity Meez: Part 1 December 30, 2009

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I’m so angry! Vacation ends in five days, we go back to school on Monday šŸ˜”Ā Overall, vacay was pretty shweet. I loved my presents andĀ I got to do a lot of fun things, like playing in the snow. Yep. Those were the days xD But I’m very excited to go back to school and see all my friends, and enemies. There are some people who are in for a surprise šŸ˜ˆ

Now, it’s time for me announce my plans. Eh hem. *Clears throat* Okay, I want my own sitcom. It would be so funny it wouldn’t even be funny! (Oops, that didn’t really work) Yes, but I would be the star. I would be funny, and sarcastic, and just be my cute little self. I might even be famous! Yeah…That’s probably not gonna happen :/ Speaking of famous people, I decided that I would make some Meez celebrities! Meez is a teenage MMORGP in which you can customize an awesome charecter. I have one. But here are some celebrites…Meez style.

Taylor Swift REAL:

Taylor Swift Meez:

Pretty close, right? You may not understand why I picked the dress, well, in another song she is wearing a long black dress and long black gloves. So, yeah. Tommorow, there will be more celebs and more meez! Until then, see ya!

New Stuffs xP December 29, 2009

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That’s gonna be my new slogan to come in on. Whoosh! Alright, so I changed this site again to (Daily Dose of) Vitamin Punk.Ā  Okay, so the CSS looks pretty good. Um, let’s go over what I still have to do.

  1. Change Background
  2. Change Header
  3. Change page tabs
  4. Update Pages
  5. New mixpod
  6. Update Sidebar
  7. Change Comment Box

Okay, so I got through about half my list. I’m also working on making my posts a little longer and more entertaining. So, why don’t I start with a poem?

As the breeze blows by

Your gentle face

I wonder when thou will findĀ his place

In the jungle or desert?

Or deep in the sea?

Or somewhere right round’ the corner,

from sad old me?

I’m a lonely old woman

In the future, I am

Yet the gypsy said other,

On her boat by the land.

Of sparrows that fly

In flocks of six

And beavers that build houses

With her own fire sticks.

So sad be no more,

Said you to me.

For fate’s brought us closer,





How was that? That was actually pretty easy! Okay, now, I’m going to be giving a sneak peek of the site’s new playlist. So, here are a few songs I know that I’ll put on there:

  1. Tainted Love, MM
  2. Dani California, RHCP
  3. Woman, WM

That was exactly a few :mrgreen: So, the playlist will be mostly like punk or rock or metal stuff considering, well, look around you ROFL. So if you’d like to suggest something of those genres for our playlist please do so! I already know what Kyra is gonna ask šŸ™„ So I will put Riot by Three Days Grace on there. Okay, so that seems like a reasonable amount for one post. I’m out!

Boredom December 27, 2009

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I haveĀ surcome to boredom.

Merry Christmas! December 25, 2009

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I hope you all had excellent holidays! I did :mrgreen: Here’s the presents from my aunt’s house…

  • $50 Gift Card to anywhere in my favorite mall
  • $25
  • Metallic Art Pencils and a fancy drawing book
  • Hair acessories
  • Makeup
  • Two build-your-own robots
  • Decorative lights for my room
  • Crossword Puzzles
  • Lotion/Bath Pouf/Towel

From my uncle’s house…

  • A fuzzy red blanket
  • New Pajamas
  • Comfy bunny slippers!

From my AntmanĀ and his family…

  • An AWESOME cloth tote bag
  • Another fuzzy blanket xD (This one was purple)

And from Santa and the rest of my family…

  • CLOTHES! (Including Footie Pajamas and lots of Aeropastale sweatshirts)
  • A tablet for my computer
  • A digital camera
  • A new boogie video game for my Wii
  • A leopard print snuggie !!!
  • A funky fedora hat
  • An aeropastale bear with a little sweaterĀ  x) so cute
  • New converse sneakers

So I had an awesome (cozy) Christmas! What did you get? If you don’t celebrate Christmas OR your family hates you and is lame like that, tell us what you got!