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My iPod has a mind of its own May 31, 2010

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Wow, I’ve been through so much hassle with my iPod today. See, I finally got around to installing iTunes on my laptop, and I discovered I had enough money for three new songs. I went to the search button, entered the first song I wanted (Wonderwall by Oasis) and pressed ”buy”. Then I checked my library, but it didn’t pop up. Turns out I only downloaded it on my computer. That’s when I pressed the button that changed my iPod’s life…

Mindlessly, I forgot to change the settings on my ”autofill”, so my iPod was not only flooded with crappy audio files from my computer: But they replaced all my music. Yep. All 20 songs were erased 😥 *sniffle* Permanently. I looked for all of them, but they were gone. I had to erase all of those freaking’ other audio files (130 clicks) but at least Wonderwall was on my iPod.

The mistake was with the settings: I had to re-sync my iPod and change it so that songs did not over-right one another. MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS IF YOU DO NOT WANT 1) ALL YOUR PREVIOUSLY DOWNLOADED SONGS ERASED and 2) 65 OTHER AUDIO FILES THAT YOU DIDN’T WANT ON THERE.

At least I can download those all again later 🙄 Right now, I have…

  1. Wonderwall-Oasis This song is a classic 90’s love song. So amazing, it makes me cry. Good to serenade someone with it, however, if your signifigant other doesn’t want you singing in their backyard at night, I wouldn’t 😉
  2. Untouched-the Veronicas I love this upbeat dance song. I have the Von Doom radio edit which is more dancy and techno, I like it better personally.
  3. Potential break-up Song-Aly and Aj Now, I’m not one for those disney sell-outs (Yes, I’m talking about you Miley Cyrus) but Aly and Aj are much better, more original and not the steriotypical disney girls. They also have great voices!

Here are next 3 I REALLY want to download…

  1. Loser-Beck A great 90’s indie-grunge song. Pretty oddballed, and Beck disses himself in this song, but it has one clear message. I’M A LOSER BABY.
  2. Do you believe in magic-Aly and Aj A beautifully sung cover of the 1965 hit. The girls really express their awesome voices, and un-like the Aly/Aj song I already downloaded, it’s not as techno auto-tuned.
  3. Wouldn’t it be nice-The beach boys Classic. Such an upbeat, catchy tune that I sing loud and proud. Well, my hairbrush doesn’t mind at least 😆

So those are just some of the many, many songs I want. There’s others too, like some metal and rock. I also need to re-download some of my lost songs.

Okay. I believe in magic, but I’m a loser baby and I feel so untouched. You’re a wonderwall, and it would be nice if I could finish this sentence. Bye!


Fudges, what’s with your new hat? May 29, 2010

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Ugh, sorry for the back-up. I haven’t had any good ideas lately of things to post about. But here’s something pretty cool that’s gonna be happening. I’m getting a new YouTube channel and web show! I’ll still post videos to the old one but you know, not as much. So other news…Let’s see…Oh yes, this post title may have alarmed you so I might as well waste my time explaining.

There really is no specific reason for the title to be its title-ish self. Just that I’ve been using the word ”Fudges” repeatedly to take out my anger. Oh, and I got a haircut earlier this week. See, the puberty monster is crawling out to get me, and I have a bad pimple on my forehead. I wanted to cover it with my bangs, which were too long at the time, so I stupidly decided to do it myself. This ended up completely ruining my bangs, and I accidentally cut a huge chunk off. My mom found out and had to cut my bangs so they were even [This story goes on]. I HATED the way my bangs looked, and they were now too short to cover my pimple, so I hid them with this silly pink Spongebob cap and I ended up looking even more stupid. But now I realize my bangs look actually pretty cute. I feel retro 🙂

At school, some kid fell from a tree and split his lip open. No, not cut. Split. It was gushing blood and he had to go to the hospital to get stitches. It may sound mean, but he looks like a fish with his big, puffy lip xD It’s true! Ask Kyra.

Well, I’m starting to bore myself and develop pre-mature carpal tunnel, so until next post, bye!

Dowcompstupnomusic Syndrome May 8, 2010

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Yes, it’s finally true!

I picked up a crisp, clean Ben Franklin from my dad which I used to pay for my laptop back. Now its virtually virus free, and I cleaned up my files. So, yes, Creative Quilt is back is buisness. Be prepared for MAJOR updates, including new and improved CSS. With my computer gone, I was going NUTS. Well, not literally, I was spending most of my time outside. But my downstairs computer doesn’t have videos or games or quizzes or anything. So, I’ve been deprived of my music 😦 I call this, Dowcompstupnomusic syndrome. If you suffer from D.C.S.N.M Syndrome, get a computer or something! So, to keep you from getting this disease, here’s a nice video! In my opinion Ricky Martin is HAWT for a…well, you know…Anyways, here’s Livin La Vida Loca!